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Tuesday update: LB Davis takes a spill

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Damn, it looks like you have some competition, Mr. Scot.

Anyway, I hope TD is OK. I just saw an interview with James Anderson on Panthers.com, and he seems to think it was nothing to worry about.

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OTA report 6/8/10


Just some random observations-If you want more dirt, ask and i will deliver.

1. I had an unexpected chat with Richard Marshall. He said he is signing his tender today. He did most of the talking. He is a little frustrated, but he seemed happy that his standoff is over (he practiced). I don't know what this means. He agreed that it was bad luck to be coming into a second contract at this time. I told him that he was doing the right thing by going forward, and that he didn't need distractions. He agreed. Very Nice guy. The topic surprised me, but he brought it up. You could tell that it has been weighing on him. Surprised that he chose me to confide in.

2. Schwartz said he could play guard or OT, but he said he really wanted to play, so he is going hard after the RG spot. Duke Robinson might be one of the stories yet untold. He looked fast and agile to me. Gross looks thinner, Otah too. Otah was upbeat and talkative, mainly about the weather. What a huge man.

3. The WR depth was: 1) Smith, Jarrett; 2) K. Moore, Martin; 3) Edwards, Lafell. Look for that to change. Lafell looked good. His speed looked good, his blocking looked very good. He is a bit cocky, but shared a crack to me about some idiot fan who was there. We laughed and he left. He has the confidence. Jarrett and Smith got into an argument over alignment after a WR shift. In other words, does Jarrett know the playbook yet? Don't count out Moore.

4. Edwards had a good catch. He has tiny hands--he gave my son his gloves and my son could barely fit his hands in them (trying them on). Good news?: My son is nearly 6 feet tall. Bad news? He is an eighth grader. Doesn't really matter. Edwards is (and I was a huge skeptic) a special athlete. He told me that he was focusing on the route running, which seemed to be the big thing for him, but he got great separation on out routes. He is a lot like SS, but not there yet. SS caught a ball vs. Marshall and ran toward us. I couldn't tackle his shadow.

5. Gettis was smart and articulate when we spoke. He seemed determined. He is big!! Says he will make the team as a WR or ST--whatever he has to do. I was impressed with him.

6. Williams, Bernadeau, Schwartz, Robinson--all good enough to start--somewhere else.

7. The best QB I saw was--Hunter Cantwell. He seems to get it. He was running with the second team, Clausen with the third. Afterwards, Clausen was disgruntled. Moore had the worst performance of the day, throwing about 3 balls that were picked off or should have been. I think that Moore and Clausen are not friends and never will be. THey never spoke. Back to Cantwell--I would take him over Pike at this point, which isn't fair to Pike.

8. On Defense T, Tyler and Leonard seem solid--Tyler is wide. Irvin--I was not impressed, but his quickness is above average. Ed Johnson--He could be a run stopper. I said it before, the DT from Temple (Nesbett?)will find a spot--at least on the PS.

9. DE is interesting. Charles Johnson has taken on more of a leadership role. After practice he told me that this would be his year. I told him it should be-the door is open. E. Brown is as humble as ever, but fast and heavier. He is looking more like Indy DEs. Hardy seems to be a head case. He has a permanent pout on his face and is not pleasant. Could be the hazing (I saw McGlover go after Jenkins until he realized it was Jenkins, and then walk away pissed while Jenkins smiled). He is a tremendous looking athlete, however. Worth the risk. I think the DL hazes the young ones harder than other units.

10. I talked to Norwood a bit, and he said that he is a LB. He said he will have his hand down in some situations. He said they are going to move him around like they did at SC--They are going to Turn him loose. He has the look.

11. TD had to leave the field with a trainer. He seemed pissed, but was not limping.

12. Connor was behind Beason. That has to be the best 2 MLBs in football. Did not see J. WIlliams. Anderson talked as if the SLB spot is his. He really seemed excited about it. I have trouble with it, but he is a class guy and will give 100%.

13. Pugh looked very smart, reading run and reacting quickly. Good speed. I was impressed with our safeties. Martin is pumped, ready to go, Godrey and he are tight.

14. CB-Munnerlyn is excited, Gamble is now a veteran, and Marshall is out of the woods. CJ Wilson looked good at times. Didn't see the 7th rounders do much, but i was distracted at times.

15. Overall, THe morale seems to be higher than during OTAs last year. There are more competitions for spots, and the players sprinted from one station to the next. These were differences I noticed from last season.

16. They were running some four wide sets. Personnel varied.

17. Overall, this team is fast and young. The coaching staff is the best I have ever seen it. These kids are getting coached up. Lot of new energy out there and they all seem determined and hungry. Can you say, "Under the


Good Stuff.

Not good too hear that on Greg Hardy.He has a rep for being sort of a weird guy.

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Gantt and the Observer are saying tests have already been done and they need more tomorrow - not good. Usually a simple push, pull and tug on the knee joint from different positions by a ortho doc will tell them if the knee, especially the ACL, is intact and stable.

If they weren't able to tell this from those initial tests, I'm not feeling too good about this. Plus, everyone saying TD just looked pissed as he walked off... How would you look if you knew it WASN'T a 'be back tomorrow' injury? Pissed.

I hope he's fine but it's not sounding good. Gantt said he specifically 'tweaked his right knee,' the same one he tore up to end his '09...

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Damn MHS, way to hit a grand slam in your first big league at bat so to speak. Very well done. Welcome to the huddle.

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Since you all seemed starved for info (which is the reason I went to the OTAs) I am not as concerned as I was yesterday. The DL is weak, but we have the best DL coach in football. With Norwood, we will be harder to block. Imagine Norwood coming in on third and long, Hardy and Brown at end, Johnson and Brayton moving inside. I never saw that configuration today, but we will. About Hardy: The have him at 270 or so, but he looked 250--I think he is very strange--but so was Peppers at times.

Cantwell has improved people. They were giving him a lot of looks. He threw two long balls to LaFell, one a skinny post and the other a go--both were a step overthrown. However, I saw three very positive things. LaFell was getting open, by the time the bal arrived we had safety help (cover 3, 1 deep)== Martin both times. He is fast and smart--and the ball was on a rope and placed where nobody else had a chance to get it except LaFell. Timing is all.

The intensity was much higher than the two OTAs I saw last year. Players were sprinting. I saw two tackles on two consecutive plays--they were going at it.

About Jarrett, I pull for him. Smith was pissed about something he did. I think he lined up on the wrong side. He stood there looking at the coach, frozen with his arms open. LaFell, on the other hand, has confidence and a swagger like Smith. He is quieter, but he is a rookie now.

Clausen was quiet and reserved. He seemed pissed. Maybe today was the day he was demoted back to third team. Anyway, he has a quick release and a tight spiral. As a former TE, I can't tell you how much easier the ball is to catch when the nose is in focus. Moore's bad passes were varied. One was an out route and I could not tell who jumped it, but he dropped the int. The other two passes were attempts to force passes to King on a drag and the LBs stepped in front. One was deflected and the other was a pick, #56 I think (Quentin....something).

By the way, don't underestimate Armanti Edwards' blocking. I think he is going to be very good. He catches everything, he is humble and working to improve. They will compare him to Smith before long.

Barnidge has got some hands. Made some great catches that pulled him offbalance a bit, but he maintained his stride. Walls was great, but he would fall after he caught it. Barnidge wants more yardage. Of course, he is no Wall.

Kenny Moore is looking pretty good. He is confident and upbeat. I think some have him written off, but he is not so certain.

That KO specialist is amazing. He seemed accurate enough for 50+ Fgs, but without a rush...

Maybe it was me, but this team is drinking the Kool-Aid. They will be fast, stupid at times, but there is elite potential everywhere. If half of it materializes, the Panthers are going to be scary.

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And thanks for all the good words. I had the day off, so I wanted to share because I feel like I am in the dark a lot. The press tells us what the Panthers want us to know, so I try to get out once or twice a year and watch while the boys get autographs. I am too old for that, but I enjoy talking to the players. I think they appreciate someone not trying to get something from them.

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