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Mr. Scot

Black Quarterbacks

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So since KT threw out the race card (shocking, right) in the other thread, I thought I'd give a little breakdown of the league's current crop of black QBs.

For my part, here's how it breaks down...


Michael Vick - awful passer; used to be a great runner, now iffy; dumb as a brick; horrible character; league status is always hanging by a thread because of his stupid off-field actions; overall - not even worth looking at, arguably the worst black QB in the league right now; I'd take a flyer on Josh Johnson before I'd take Vick

Vince Young - good runner; improved as a passer last year; showed he could lead the team but only got so far; character issues, but nowhere near the level of Vick; overall - jury's still out, could turn out to be what Vick was supposed to be, or might just wind up being yet another run-first college QB who couldn't make the grade in the pros, the coming season will be an important one

Donovan McNabb - good runner; decent passer, but overrated because he's always played in a west coast system; inconsistent, can look like a hall-of-famer one game and a washout the next; injured more than his fair share; diva attitude; chokes in big games; has been trying to prove that he's not a run-first QB ever since Warren Sapp called him "a runningback who passes" and has cost his team some games because of it; overall - very good but nowhere near as good as the hype around him

Jason Campbell - decent runner, so-so passer; has flashed ability at times and has been the victim of continual offensive changes and horrible management on the part of the Redskins; one of those guys that people tend to think might be better elsewhere, but after all this time he might be ruined; overall - the black version of David Carr, maybe he could have been something special had things gone differently, but I think it's too late now (and in fairness, that's not all his fault)

Byron Leftwich - not very athletic, but very smart and incredibly determined; slow throwing motion as a passer but decent accuracy; very good character; the game he played on a bum leg in college is still one of the most incredible things I've ever seen; solid and serviceable with the right guys around him; overall - good, and might have a chance this season to succeed with the Steelers and thereby show that Roethlisberger is overrated

David Garrard - decent runner; good passer; good character; easily the best leader the Jags have had since Mark Brunell; largely carried the team in a playoff win against the Steelers a few years back, but the Jags don't seem to value him as much as I think they should; overall - a very good quarterback playing for a bad team that's been poorly coached for a while (sorry, Del Rio fans), probably the best black QB in the league at the moment, though Buc fans might argue


Josh Freeman - good runner; good passer, at least until you get to the red zone; looked great for a lot of his rookie year but needs coaching on his decision making; overall, if he gets the right coaching, he has the potential to be the kind of franchise QB the Bucs need

Troy Smith - good runner, good passer in college; got a lot of benfit from the fact that Jim Tressel resisted the urge to just use his athleticism and actually taught him to be a pocket passer; biggest knock is his height (only 6'0); was thought to be the heir apparent in Baltimore but then the ravens drafted Joe Flacco; expressed his wish for a trade this season but the Ravens said no way; overall - still unknown at the pro level; unlikely he'll ever move up the depth chart in Baltimore so his best hope is to get his wish and be shipped elsewhere, but what incentive do the Ravens have to do that unless someone makes them an outlandish offer?

Pat White - great runner, so-so passer in college until his senior year when Bill Stewart took over from Rich Rodriguez; only QB in college history to win Bowl games all four years of his career; hurt himself come draft time by refusing to consider a position switch; overall - right now considered a wildcat/gadget play QB, needs more coaching to become a true passer, up to the Dolphins whether or not he gets that


Randall Cunningham - was Michael Vick without the stupidity and the character problems, Buddy Ryan was smart enough to build the offense around him rather than try to adapt him to a conventional offense; still, he wasn't as great as his hype, but he was better than Vick

Warren Moon - played in some very QB friendly systems (especially the run and shoot) but was the real deal; never played on a good enough team to win a Super Bowl, but probably could have; he was what Donovan McNabb thinks he is

Steve McNair - easily the best black QB in recent memory; could run, could pass; life ended tragically; how much better might the Panthers had been if they had gone for him over Kerry Collins

Kordell Stewart - best remembered for the "Slash' role; loads of hype from his athleticism, but really only so-so as a passer; overall - Cowher stuck with him way too long as a starter

Doug Williams - started out with the Bucs when they were still lousy; later went to the USFL and then the Redskins; under Joe Gibbs, became the only black QB to win a Super Bowl as a starter, and his performance in that game was lights out; injuries did him in the next year; overall - the most successful of the historic black QBs because of the ring, but I'd still call McNair the best

Rodney Peete - decent runner, became a solid passer; probably would have been more successful as a starter had he not played for the Lions (where Wayne Fontes pretty much shuffled starters on an almost weekly basis); was solid when healthy in his year as the Panthers starter, but age caught up to him the next year; overall - exactly what we needed in 2002, I sometimes wonder how different things would have been if Father Time had given him just one more good year


Okay, so I got castigated for not including some guys in the first draft. Sue me. I wrote it all from memory and didn't have time to fix it before I had to go to work. Now, is this list exhaustive? No. there are current guys left off (like Josh Johnson) and a fair number of historic guys not mentioned. Why? Because to be perfectly frank, I don't consider guys like Akili Smith, Jeff Blake, Vince Evans, Adrian McPherson and Aaron Brooks historically significant enough to put in the company of the guys I did mention. yeah, some of them had their good points (especially Blake) but are they equal to guys like McNair, Moon, Williams and Cunningham? Truthfully, Stewart and Peete aren't either, but Stewart is pretty well known and Peete...do I really need to explain why he was included? :sosp:

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Now quick Scot, tell us which one of those guys you've lobbied hard for the Panthers to go after over Delhomme, Moore, etc?

How can someone who doesnt want his own team to take a chance on a black QB and yells "veto" everytime one is considered be an authority on gauging their skillset? Truth be told, if I want someone to break down black quarterbacking in the NFL, a Carolina Panthers employee is the last person I'd ask.

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This will be productive no doubt.

I learned some things.


I agree with your sentiments.

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I think I'm going to start a thread on white cornerbacks.

Off to do some research.

Good luck; you'll need it.

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I think I'm going to start a thread on white cornerbacks.

Off to do some research.

There are white cornerbacks?! :eek:

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