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Nflpanthers07 First Vid For The 2010 Season!

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hope you enjoy, if not then im sorry for wasting 3 minutes of your life. but i think most of you will enjoy this. :hat: i will be making videos like these throughout the season before every game as a preview. It's something new and i like the idea. if anyone would ever like to narrate one of my vids please send me a message and let me know. enjoy! please leave feedback and thoughts.

Go panthers!

EDIT* Forgive me for the spelling error on Jon Fox's name and Story....i had it typed in but it must of F'ed up. this sucks. once again, sorry

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Not going to lie to you it's a little cheesy but it still got me excited for the season.

i can find it cheesy too. im not really the best narator. im the one who can put the clips and all together and make them good tho :)

but thanks for feedback. i love negative and positive. helps me get better.

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Good vid. During the montage portion when the pace picks up, I'd like to see longer clips paced to the music rather than flashes of plays all jumbled together, but other than that another good job man. :D

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