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RoF site has crashed but here is some info...

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I’ve been told paperwork will be hitting the NBA offices tomorrow morning for approval. It’s grab your **** time.

It doesn’t look like anything is going to be announced tonight. Grab a rack and start counting sheep in little Bobcats road uniforms.

The more savvy of you will have a very good idea about step 4 the moment step 3 gets announced.

Just a teaser so you’ll know if we’ve been right thus far…

If it goes down as I last heard about it, we won’t be picking in the first round for 2 more seasons and for a brief while we will be almost completely bereft of a starter or backup at one of the positions until step 4 is final. Like I said, the more savvy of you will know what the Cats are depending on the final negotiation, either 2 future first rounds and a second rounder or vice-versa will be in the package” trying to pull off once the player names are announced.

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So what does that mean? I don't remember what was all said in those steps. Give me some player names.

edit: I just clicked on the link. I'm a dumbass.

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ok just making sure it wasnt just mine. btw that was posted about 3 days ago. Today James said things could go down between 6-9 tonight.

when did u hear that?

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It's cool don't worry about it.


James said there are a few deals in place and they could be announced anywhere from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. He also said there were a few back-up plans ready to. Nonetheless, James said if nothing happens, he will tell us what he was told tomorrow.

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i feel like such a tool..

but i can't stop checking in :lurk5:

Midnight Las Vegas time is what I've been told. Yes, there are backup plans… numerous ones, between 5-8 is what I’m led to believe.

I know of one, and will be glad to post it tomorrow along with what I’ve heard. I’m only saying tomorrow because I doubt I’ll be up at 3 a.m to post.

James' quote

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