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Arizona to the Super Bowl..

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And I would compare the Cardinals to the 2006 Colts- high-powered offense and a defense that suddenly plays good defense at the right time

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Told ya sooo......

And Dimbee- I dont expect you to get your head out of you ass long enough to act like anyone :D

So do the Cards remind you of the 03 Panthers yet?

All underdog every game, no love, very underappreciated and a cinderella story.

Bunch of no name guys with a good RB and a GOOD PAIr OF WR's, and a defense that learned to play big at the right time.

guess I was right again... biotches

Are you kidding me, I heard more people riding the Cards nuts this week than the Eagles(no love?) People have been picking the cards to do great things for the last 3-4 seasons because they actually have a ton of talent on that team and they have constantly underachieved year in and year out (until this season)I don't know where your getting the "no name guys" label from, they have plenty of names on that team.

Kurt warner is a two time NFL MVP , has played in two SBs and won a SB and is more than likely a future HOFer(barring some OJ type inncident)

Edge has been a "great" back the majority of his career, he was so effective with the Colts for so many seasons they gave him a SB ring and he wasn't even on the team at the time (just good?)

Boldin and Fitz are arguably the best/greatest WR tandem in the NFL right now(just good?).

Their defense hasn't been horrible this season but yes they are playing better now.

Your comparing them to the 03 Panthers, So what your saying is they're going to lose the Superbowl?(I'm not being a hater, I had money on Carolina whooping the Pats asses and was all about them that season and my team fared worse in their last SB appearance)

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