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Official Introduction

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I've been around here for a long time but eventing weapons and saving the world keeps me occupied. So let me give a formal introduction so everyone is aware of the legend that browses the forums.

My birthname is Anthony Edward Stark but most people just call me Tony. I'm an industrialist playboy an ingenious engineer that builds weapons of mass destruction for the military and most notably my famous suit of armor. I was born on April 4th 1965 and have spent many a day in drug rehab centers. During this time I was not allowed to fly and the making of my movies had to be postponed. I've banged many of women in my day but Pepper Potts has a special place in my heart because of how she cares for me. Hopefully she won't visit these forums though because I don't think she would appreciate my avatar.

My favorite bands are Black Sabbath and Wu-Tang Clan but Ghostface Killah you need to chill out with pretending you are me.

Forbes magazine ranks me 10th on richest fictional characters but clearly they don't know what they are talking about if I'm here typing this out.


Businessweek Magazine can go f themselves as well ranking me the 3rd smartest super hero behind Mr. Fantastic and Batman.


Mr. Fantastic needs four people to do what I can do by myself, the only thing intelligent about that is watching other people do the work for him. Then we have Batman?!?!?! you've got to be kidding. He'd be smart to retire before he gets his ass killed. We all know here on the down low that Robin does most of his dirty work.

Lastly I leave you guys with a little something. Like I said don't let Pepper know she wouldn't be happy about this. She wanted to go for a little ride last night, I just stuck in a little something extra for her. See you guys around here when I have time.


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specially since Batman can spell right..what the hell does eventing weapons mean anyways? you go to alot of gun shows or something?

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