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Little Dwayne, all grown up

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Laetitia    0

Just had a startling conversation with WR Dwayne Jarrett. We'll have more from him in tomorrow's paper, but the first impression is that he's basically a different person.

In short, he sounded mature, which is something the 23-year-old had never before been accused of.

Gone were a lot of the tired cliches, the stock lines he used to use to explain away his shortcomings -- which were numerous.

"I don't want to say I regret (the way he handled himself)," Jarrett said. "I just wasn't aware."

That sums up his first three years here. But this camp, he's been a completely different player, looking more assertive on the field.

Getting him out there would be huge, and he's showing sings of finally delivering returns on the Panthers' four-year investment.

He's catching everything in practice, and with his size, could become a valuable tool for QB Matt Moore.

Another quick highlight: Receivers coach Tyke Tolbert raves about him, but discussing his size advantage, said "he doesn't have to be open to be open."

Stay tuned for more.

— Darin Gantt


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jtm    248

I was at camp yesterday and Jarrett was the stand out in my eyes. He caught everything thrown his way with the exception of one drop. He even made a diving catch during noncontact drills. He looked strong.

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Maybe him finally trying to work like an NFL player and having a more capable quarterback will help him turn the page. This article kind of proves all of his admirers wrong, he's been a flop here because of his own actions. It's not because we haven't given him a chance. He never deserved a chance.

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panthers55    5,379

IF he actually showed up this year it would be huge for us. And it would totally justify the $26 dollars I spent for his autographed jersey. Might have to find a place for it in the display case. I have been keeping it in the closet for the past 2 years. Wasn't worthy of a spot next to Smith, Kasay, and others,:D

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bleys    1,995

I can't believe he's 23 and 3 years in the NFL.. if it takes him a little more time to finally come around, but he does come around and becomes a valuable tool, I'm sure we'd kick ourselves for being the typical, too-quick to pull the trigger, fans...

we have entirely too many opinions and fail to just watch the game and let the guys who get paid to put rosters together, do their job... without bitching, every f**king second...

don't get me wrong, we need a WR... and that's mainly the reason we have such contempt towards him.. but he is a young fella, and he's not wasting a roster spot to keep Gettis on the team.. lol

we need him to get it done.. but I don't feel right criticizing a 23 year old for not acting 30, when I was 23 and no where near living up to what these guys are expected..

granted, "thats why they get paid the big money".. but a human brain only adapts so fast.. some faster than others.. I get it when Gantt reports that Jarrett is just now catching on.. A learning curve can't be forced but so fast..

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