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Matt Foley

Your best fellatio story

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Mine was in a movie theater...sort of. We were in a semi crowded theater and she was playing with it, and the movie was meh so I suggested we leave. We made it to the hallway exit (still technically in the theater) before she decides to go to town. I was sure we would get caught, but we didn't.

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I already told one of my stories. Girfriend, Thanksgiving. Mom walking in on us, While I finished!

I had another girlfriend, her name was Colleen. (God, I miss her!) She would go down on me anytime I asked for it! :) To her, regular intercourse was a sin because she was still married. (They had yet to file their seperation papers.) But giving oral was okay. (Kind of like Pres. Clinton.) :rolleyes: To top if off, I coulld give her an "O" in about 4-6 licks! :P

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I'm sure every one of us has at least three parking lot stories. What was your funniest? Mine was Babies R' Us near South Blvd/485. It was dark, but it's still a well lit parking lot at night.

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excerpt from Dockery's diary

He let out a loud moan when I put one of his balls into my mouth. I swished it around inside my mouth, then I switched to the other one; I was also stroking his thighs with my hands. He started breathing hard when I managed to put both his balls into my mouth at once. I tenderly licked his balls while warming them up with my hot mouth. I used my tongue to move them all around; my lips were completely enveloping his entire sack, up to the root of his rooster. My hands began to stroke his rooster.

"Oh, Dockery!" He didn't seem capable of saying much else. I liked that; turning a guy on so much he couldn't really say much besides "Oh Dockery!" I loved hearing my own name shouted out in pleasure.

I removed his balls from my mouth and licked his shaft with the tip of my tongue. I drenched his lap with my saliva. Starting at the root, I worked my way up to the sensitive underside of his rooster, right under the head. I gave that area some licks, and then teased him a bit with some long slow licks up and down the shaft. When I knew he really needed some more direct stimulation, I finally put my lips around the whole head of his rooster and started to gently suck him off. Fondling his balls with my hand, I slowly lowered my mouth over his entire organ, getting it deep inside my mouth.

I slowly bobbed my head up and down on his lap, getting my hands under him and squeezing his butt. I could hear his breathing getting heavier; I knew he was deeply enjoying his first blowjob. I stopped for just a second so I could answer a question that might have been in his mind.

"Saltman, when you feel close to orgasm, don't worry. I swallow! Just let your load out in my throat."

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Guest CatofWar

other than getting a beej at church, on valentine's day, when i was in high school, i got nothing really. done the usual while driving, in the pool, while watching the panthers play on tv, nothing to crazy though.

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