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What if...

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Calm. But if people want to contradict a point, make sure you don't have to twist the original statement before attacking it. I used the two most successful WRs in Panther history to make a point. Never said it applies to all WRs throughout time. Never said I was happy going 7-9 or we would go 7-9. I even think bringing in someone for one year is detrimental because you have to cut people and bench people for your quick fix, and there are no guarantees they will succeed here. What have you done? Destroyed confidence, set your development back a year, and denied the opportunity to display the talent you drafted. 4 vanilla preseason games and some people want to throw away or shelve the talent we were bragging about since April. Does this mean we are destined to lose? Hell no. It means we should not be scared to go with and believe in what we have.

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There has to be a limit on a reasonable timeframe for a player to develop. We are notorious for keeping players that arent worth a sh!t and well past there expiration date. Despite Smitty's fumbling problem early in his career, Stevie Wonder could see he was going to be special, same with Moose, we saw them contribute and lead in the following years. Fans are critical because they have seen no viable progress in the receiving department for years, not that the FO hasn't tried. But when you draft a bunch of receivers and none of them set the world on fire in preseason fans have been conditioned to say 'Oh ***' not again.

All the new guys drafted have a pass and I hope they step up.

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After fumbling a few times vs. Green Bay and costing us the game, rookie (I think) Steve Smith had been replaced. At the time he was just a cocky third rounder who was a kick returner.

What if Moose Muhammad had been benched after his first two seasons where he started 22 games and caught 27 and 25 passes respectively. Get him out, sit him down, trade him.

The Seahawks cut Jon Kasay after his second season, one in which he hit only 63% of his field goals indoors on turf? He might have been out of football, never being signed by the expansion Panthers. Or what if the Panthers decided he has nothing left in 2002 after he was injured, mercifully ending a season in which he hit 40% of his field goals with a long of 27 yards.

A young QB is benched after starting 8 (some as an undrafted rookie) games and throwing 11 TDs vs. 7 interceptions and has a QB rating of nearly 85. A WInner of 67 percent of his games after not getting reps with the first team in practice for more than 2 months in his career.


Many of the people who are screaming for a WR now were screaming for WRs to replace young Smitty and Moose. They want Moore out when he has only done the unthinkable for an undrafted young QB in a league where half of the first round QBs bust.

Let Edwards, Lafell, Gettis, and Martin grow. If they fail, you can tell everyone you were right and ignore all the times you weren't. But we will never know if we keep burying them with expensive journeymen and quick fixes.

Good post.

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