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It's all in the numbers - Pro/Con thread

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Since I am a visual kinda guy, I put everything into a graphical representation. In essence, I will sum up this flacid performance today with numbers. For all you MMORPG players this should make sense. Here goes - Carolina Panther Fan Approval Rating fromula.

Pro - New, untested talent +10

Con - Failure to utilize said talent -10

Pro - Jarrett makes 2 catches +2

Con - Only 5 catches for Smith -10

Pro - First offensive TD +10 (5 bonus points for it going to Smith)

Con - Predictable play calling -50

Pro - Jeff Davidson almost in tears +10

Con - Jeff Davidson still the OC -50

Pro - Matt Moore throws a TD + 10

Con - Matt Moore throws 3 INTs in redzone -100

Con - D Will disappeared in the 2nd half -100

Con - No effing blocking -100

Pro - Secondary INTs +20

Con - Secondary surrendered 3 TDs -100

Pro - Jimmy Clausen sees action + 50

Con - Jimmy Clausen given no chance by o-line -100

Based on these numbers, my fan approval rating for the Carolina Panthers is at -648 on a scale or erroneous porportions. In fact, this makes no sense, but who cares. Tired of flacid, mediocre, predictable football.

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    • A pro? Cool. Just quit crying in the panthers main forum about the quality of threads and talking about how you're going to leave. That's not what a troll does. If you're going to troll troll right
    • Naziism wasn't really socialism and in fact one of their first orders of business was to eradicate Communists from Germany. Also, trying to meld Nazis with socialists is disingenuous because the issue with Nazi Germany wasn't their economy which actually recovered quite well under Nazi rule, but the first part of their name.  "Nationalist".  That is what drove them to war crimes and mass murder of Jews and immigrants. And the party that currently most mirrors a form of nationalism close to Naziism is the Republican Party.  With heavy anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, criminalization of minorities, etc etc rhetoric.  
    • Looked at both your posts, they didn't improve so I will pick this one. Cherrypicking a stat or six game period that was decent hardly justifies that we were middle of the pack. First of all this discussion was about cornerbacks not defensive ends so your run defense and sack stats means little. Newsflash. We were top 10 in rush defense because teams didn't have to run on us when they could pick up chunks in passing the ball. We were 26th in number of rushing attempts by the opponent meaning 25 teams had the opponent rush more times than we did.  And we were second in sacks for the same reason. Teams passed all the time on us giving us many more times to sack them.  We had the 6th most passes thrown against us. We were second in sacks behind Arizona- 47   to their 48. But they had 547 attempts against them versus our 612. So we had a sack for every 13 attempts. Arizona had a sack every 11 attempts. Even Buffalo which ranked 9th in sacks with 39 had the same one sack for every 13 passes attempted as we did. Teams completed passes almost 70% of the time which also ranks us 29th. We were tied for 22nd with 4 other teams in giving up 7.5 yards per pass play.  We were 21st in yards surrendered in total defense. And in points surrendered we were 26th not 15th. That was offense not defense that was 15th. With all the offense and Shula bashing I can understand why you might think the defense was better than the offense but it was the other way around. TL,DR Wrong we are one of the worse defenses in the league no matter how you look at it.