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2010 playoff predictions.

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now that the playoffs are set, who ya got?


Rangers vs Rays

Yankees vs Twins


Reds vs Phillies

Braves vs Giants

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I'm taking Rays/Twins and Phils/Giants in the first round.

sets up a rematch of 08 Phils/Rays in the WS

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rays/twinkies phillies/giants


rays win

great 1st round in the NL. reds and phils are by far the best offenses in the NL, while the giants and braves are all about pitching. i think the phils have the better pitching, and the giants the better offense and take their series.

1st round in the AL is pretty clear with the rays. better pitching and depending on hamilton an equal or better offense. the twinkies may not have the long ball advantage of the yanks, but that field is an equalizer. think the yanks pitching staff is falling apart after CC. someone needs to step up. the twins are not great in any way, just solid all around. good staff, but no real ace. good offense in a few players, but not the power. the twins finally squeek one out.

2nd round is not as good for the giants. a good staff for philly, but alot more pop in the phils. unless cain and tiny tim can be perfect, phils win as they have a better #3 starter and the better offense by miles.

same for the twins. better staff for the rays than the yanks and the rays are a team that can play small ball with them and go home and then get the longball advantage.

as for the WS: i would take the rays for the bullpen. fairly even otherwise. phils have an edge in #2 #3 starters, but can the shaky bullpen close the deals against a very good rays team. i dont think the starts are leaps and bounds better for the phils, and its still should be a game come the 8th and ninth, where the rays bullpen is very good, the phils not so much. offense is likely in favor of the phils too, but again really close (love the rays speed up in the middle of the lineup as well as some pop).

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Phils v Giants (Phillies could sweep)

Yankees v Rays (7 games almost guaranteed)

Yankees v Phils (Yankees win pretty easily)

If the Rays make it to the WS, Phils win again.

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Rangers / Yanks

Braves / Phils

Braves / Rangers


Doubt it happens like this, but hey, decided to go against the grain for these predictions. Plus, I'm a Braves homer

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