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Mr. Scot

Is an offseason "big splash" a necessity?

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Suggs is indeed intriguing. My question is will he be able to retain his performance in a DE position? He played it well in college at Arizona State and he is a speed freak off the end but will his tenure in the 3-4 have affected his vision from the line. My guess would be that it hasn't but its just a guess. Also im almost positive that he was used on the line in Bmore but not absolutely sure.

In short I wouldn't be opposed to a straight up trade but i gotta go check his salary figures

Suggs would be a great addition. He's the kind of tough rangy athlete required to cover short distances and tackle the ball carrier for this react/bend but don't break scheme that doesn't put these players in ideal position to make a play.

Hey, at least this time, when Trgovac drops him into coverage, for whatever unknown reason he likes linemen to do it so often, this guy has had experience at it.

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