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what exactly happened....

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after we stopped LT, AP, Forte and Turner? didn't we lead the league in rushing defense even after going against these guys? did we change our scheme or did everybody else figure out what we were doing? ........ bring on Herm!!!

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from articles coming out it sounds like fox took over the def himself and messed it up

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I seemed to notice a lot of successful cutback runs against us in the 2nd half of the season. Our linebackers over pursued leaving no one on the backside of the play to stop the cutback except for corners and safeties. I also noticed alot of Beason's tackles in the last half of the season were after the running back had run past him and he'd grab them from behind. Our linebackers just rarely seemed to be in the right gap to actually stop a play before they got 5+ yards.

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    • At this point I think the question of whether CAP is going to be a productive NFL player at all is probably a valid one.

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    • I didn't say that I grouped kids and dogs in the same category, you assumed that. Of course I value my kid's life over my dog's, but I'll value the life of either over the life of someone threatening them. Seems like the pro-Vick/anti-dog crowd can't help themselves to try to bend over backwards to create arguments that haven't actually been made. As for your property statement, yes dogs are property that can be bought and sold, but I bet no one's ever been sent to prison for abusing couches. Dogs certainly have more protection under the law than standard property. You're free to place whatever value on a dog's life that you will. You'll notice that I haven't tried to lecture anyone on how they should view a dog, I'm simply stating my own personal views. 
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