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Now that the season is underway...

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How many folks now realize that J. Richardson was more committed to sending a message to the NFLPU than winning?

If you think I am wrong just look at our team.

The youngest in the NFL

One of the cheapest rosters (preparing for a lockout jerry?)

And many players contracts expire after the season including the coach.

How much money will Jerry save?

(remember Fox saying "we have a budget"?- now do you see why- Jerry was not worried about winning this season)

If you look at our production we are at the bottom in almost ALL categories.

It's a terrible decision by the big man, considering the goal in the NFL is to win a Super Bowl, it is clear that JR has other motives. Is it more important to be loyal to the fans or to the brand. As of now Jerry thinks the people who make it possible are not as important as the machine they make possible.

As one of the leaders in the NFLPU lockout/contract discussions you have to see that Jerry is treating this season as a business decision to save money and send a message to protect the NFL brand.

We will have a young core of players for the future with tons of cap space and looks to be a top 10 pick for 2011, but you have to see that this season was sacrificial.

I am sure JR is a great person, he sure is a smart business man, but as fans we are paying the price to allow him to give us a 1/2 ass product while his commitment is not winning, but the sovereignty of the NFL....

Will be nice when we get an owner who is more dedicated to the fans and winning than other interest...

As for you PSL holders- I feel for ya, you’re in a lose lose situation with very little options and no voice.

If I lived there I would form a PSL Owners union. Considering your $$$ is financing Jerry’s ability to stick it to the fans and fatten his pockets during a potential lockout year, its sad you don’t have a voice.


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People still don't comprehend this, that is why we have all these "should have kept so and so..." threads.

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I hate when people sign their posts.


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I know its hard as a fan, but you must remember that it IS business and Jerry Richardson is entitled to run it how he chooses. Im sure I will get neg rep for this, but if you had your own business, there are many times you would be more worried about making the best decisions for your business than your customers. Im not saying, Im just saying.

I know that we all want to be competitive every year, but

A: Us Panther fans are kinda spoiled. You guys will laugh and I know what you are thinking "spoiled be mediocre!", but the truth is yes. Compare us to the Lions, Bills, Raiders, Browns, 49ers, Redskins, Chiefs over the last few years... it would suck to be a fan of one of those teams. Also, we seem to forget that out of the Rams, Vikings, Packers, Eagles, Cowboys, Chargers, Broncos, Jaguars, Bengals, Jets and the Dolphins, the Carolina Panthers have most recently made a Superbowl.

So overall I say not only is Jerry Richardson completely entitled to run his business the way he chooses, but it seems to me he often tries to do what is in the fans best interest as well. That being said, I disagree with some of the moves he has made, but its funny how fans feel like they are getting cheated by the organization after two bad seasons. If it were your business you might not feel the same as you do now. I know its hard, but we really have it pretty good as Panthers fans.

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