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Dont go ape sh*t on me but....

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If he were to be dealt what team would you all not oppose the most??

I would hate to see him leave more than Dockery but lets start being realistic, it could happen more than we believe.

New rumors regarding Panthers trading Steve Smith

Incarcerated Bob is an infamous NY area radio personality who seems to have his finger on the pulse for breaking NFL rumors. He's reliable enough in fact that today Adam Schefter of ESPN recommended people follow him on Twitter.

Well, today Bob has some interesting things to say about the Panthers possibly trading Steve Smith. I will list them here, but follow the link if you want to see his full stream.

"Carolina Panther WR Steve Smith has told the team he would not be opposed to being moved be4 Oct 19th trade deadline"

"Several teams would be interested in Smith if Panthers .1)Decide to give up on season 2)Get a 2nd rd pick + additional comp"

"Miami Dolphins / Redskins / Bears / Chiefs all would be in on trade talks but once again Panthers need to decide in a week"

Believe what you will... I'm not personally endorsing these rumors as true, all I'm saying is that the guy has accurately broken stories in the past and is well regarded in the NFL insider community.

UPDATE: I asked Darin Gantt if he had heard the above info and he replied "There is no Smitty trade rumor. Nothing to it"

from derp

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I just dont see a team biting on an injured player by this Sunday.

It's not a major injury, he'd probably be full strength within a week or two. A team desperate enough still might bite.

That being said I doubt it get's done just because this is the Panthers FO we're talking about and they don't make these kind of moves.

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As long as he doesn't go to the Patriots/Cowboys/Steelers, and no NFC south team, I think I'll be ok

fug that. Steve Smith with the Pats would be the best thing other than him getting to the playoffs with the Panthers. Brady and Smith......yumm! Season saved for me.

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I think he would be a good fit Chicago, New England, Washington, or Seattle.

I wouldn't be too pissed if we got good compensation. I would love to see him go somewhere and have a chance to win a ring. It doesn't appear likely that we will field a competitive enough team for the remainder of his career here in Carolina to do that.

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Why are you dismissing the Rams?

Why the Panthers would do it....get a second from the Rams

Why the Rams would do it....glaring, and I mean glaring, hole at WR now

Why Smith would do it....chance to play with Sam Bradford

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A.) I never want this to happen.

B.) But if it were to happen. I would want it to be with the Pats just so we could watch Smitty tear it up and possibly win a ring.

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