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Sam Mills Fan

2004: We started 1-7 and were a 60-yd FG from the playoffs

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Grammer    1

WHY is the playoffs a pipe dream? We're only 0-5 and in a better spot than we were in 2004 at 1-7. No one thought we had a chance in hell at the playoffs then either.

Why not now? Get the 3 players I mentioned back healthy, let Moore play loose, completely open up the playbook and have fun with it....why CAN'T this team make it to 8-8 or 9-7 in theory?

what the hell is going on

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mush    134

Amazing season in 2004. Got beat all kinds of ways tons of injuries Jake sucked first half but Fox stuck with him and he played lights out second half. Thing is everybody around him believed in him and offense started kicking ass.

No Smitty either.

That was the year we lost the 4th and 12 game near Xmas. And the Saints game last game of the year we win we're in. Jake took the team about 50 yrds. on the last drive in about 50 seconds to put the team in position to kick a FG and go into overtime.

Amazing how dead the stadium was after the team stared 1-4 but then the last two home games of the season tickets were hard to get.

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DevilCat    0

"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor???"....NO!!!.........SAINTS...DEAD!!!.....FALCONS.....DEAD!!!....BUCS...DEAD!!!!...LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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lightsout    2,437

I like the concept, and I have thought the same thing. If we can almost do it in 2004, we can do it now. The only problem with this fantasy is that in 2004, our coach actually gave 2 shits.

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UNCrules2187    2,788

that was also the year that Todd Steussie or whatever threw the flag at the ref and cost us the game against I think it was Arizona.

I think it was Matt Willig against Denver, right?

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I support this thread and I agree.

We look bad but not it's not as impossible as it may seem. I break it down to 3 goals we need to achive. The easy, the difficult and the hard.

The easy:

1. Beat the 49'ers and the Rams. Not saying that this is easy but the easiest of the 3 goals.

The difficult:

2. Perform at least as well as our divisional foes against our remaining opponents as they do against theirs. We all have fairly equal remaining schedules in terms of opponents.

The hard:

2. Sweep Atlanta and get even with the Saints. This feat could actually put us on top of our division. I would add the Bucs but as of right now, they are number 3 so they are not as big a threat but if they continue to play well we will have to get even with them too and pretty much sweep the remaining games of our division(something I said we would have to do anyway when this conversation came up 2 weeks ago).


-As far as the Saints go, it really shouldn't be that hard. Not only did we get close the first time, but we play them at home this time and we only have to win by 3 against them for the tie breaker.

-If it came down between us and Tampa though, it would be hard. They have us by 13 points and with our offense I just can't see us returning the favor. But winning against them is simply a matter of our defense not having a bad day. Contain Josh better and we have a good chance.

-Falcons.....this one will be tough. No way around it. Damn miracle to sweep them.

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