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I will have to disagree with you on most of this. The PAC-10 does have talent, all conferences do, but I dont think you really can conpare the PAC-10 to the SEC as a group.

Now USC has had as much talent as any team in the country no one can argue that. And teams like Oregon State and UCLA and maybe even Arizona has a few players that will be on some NFL rosters. But top to bottom no one compares to the SEC as far a talent goes.

I mean you can look at the worst SEC team, Vandy, and every year they have 1 or 2 players that are drafted or make an NFL roster. The athletes that populate the SEC landscape are head and shoulders above most conferences in college football. When you have Georgia, Alabama, Flordia, Auburn, and LSU, each of thoes programs will have at least 4 or 5 players taken in the draft every year. Now some of thoes players are dumb as rocks and will never do anything there but that does not mean the talent is not there. The pure size and speed of the players in the SEC are the closest thing you have to the NFL in college football. You will not see alot of other big conferences schedule any SEC team in there non conference games because they know that their players are not use to seeing 6'4" guys that weight 295lbs and can run a 4.7 fourty. SEC players are use to seeing thoes kind of athletes. That why so many of them are drafted by NFL teams.

In most years I believe this. But this year the PAC ranks up there with the SEC and is better than the overrated Big 12. The only good teams in the Big 12 are OU and Nebraska. In the PAC you have Oregon, Stanford, Arizona, and a good Oregon State team that was victimized by a brutal schedule. USC isn't half bad either, they have been going through some poo though in the last two years and are inconsistant this year. Like someone said earlier, no one really gives the PAC that much credit and I really don't have any idea why.

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