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Mr. Scot

Coaching 101

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jackson113    1,805

I've never cared for Gruden. I don't think he's capable of rebuilding a struggling team. Whoever gets the job will have to more than likely rebuild the team from scratch.

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Carolinator    0

The Candidate List

The guys that get the most buzz are Leslie Frazier, Mike Zimmer and Jim Harbaugh. This past Sunday, Frazier and Zimmer's respective units both had subpar games (how much is coaching...how much is personnel...debatable). The guy who's probably the easiest to evaluate at this time is Harbaugh because he actually is a head coach while the others are still coordinators. For them, you have to take what you can get and extrapolate the rest. For Harbaugh, it's whether he can make the transition from college to the pros (though he does have experience as a pro position coach).

Overall, Zimmer is probably still my top choice. I could go with Harbaugh though. Frazier? I'd be okay with it, but I have some doubts.

Been lax this week on the Potential Coaches thread. Probably get back to that next week.

Mike McCoy is also a possibility.

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Mr. Scot    34,947

McCoy is a name a few people have brought up.

I've agreed to consider it, but so far I just can't find a compelling reason to think he's a serious candidate.

(sorry guys; just not seeing it so far)

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Mr. Scot    34,947

Here's where I'm at right now in my coaching research...

- If the team goes by its usual MO, it'll be Frazier or Zimmer.

- If they decide to go for offense, or if they decide it's time for a major shock to the system, it'll be Harbaugh.

- If they want to be tougher and/or bring in someone from the Steeler system, Grimm.

- If they put a premium on experience, it probably goes to Mike Heimerdinger.

- If they take it slow and other teams move fast, thinning the pool, could be Winston Moss.

- In house would be a shock (a big shock, honestly) but if that happens the job likely goes to Meeks. Brian Baker gets promoted to DC.

- If it's a complete "wow, nobody saw that coming" type wild card choice, could be Mike Pettine.

Guys that I just don't see getting the nod - for various reasons - McDermott, Rivera, Butler, Schottenheimer and Garrett.

Again though, that's right now. A lot could change by season's end.

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