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Greatest African American in history

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Mar. 6 -- Hector Mercedes, Albany, N.Y., TKO 1

Apr. 10 -- Trent Singleton, Albany, N.Y., TKO 1

May 23 -- Don Halpern, Albany, N.Y., KO 4

June 20 -- Rick Spain, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1

July 11 -- John Alderson, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 2

July 19 -- Larry Sims, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., KO 3

Aug. 15 -- Lorenzo Canady, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 1

Sept. 5 -- Michael Johnson, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1

Oct. 9 -- Donnie Long, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1

Oct. 25 -- Robert Colay, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1

Nov. 1 -- Sterling Benjamin, Latham, N.Y., TKO 1

Nov. 13 -- Eddie Richardson, Houston, KO 1

Nov. 22 -- Conroy Nelson, Latham, N.Y., KO 2

Dec. 6 -- Sammy Scaff, New York, KO 1

Dec. 27 -- Mark Young, Latham, N.Y., KO 1


Jan. 10 -- Dave Jaco, Albany, N.Y., TKO 1

Jan. 24 -- Mike Jamison, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 5

Feb. 16 -- Jesse Ferguson, Troy, N.Y., W DSQ 6

Mar. 10 -- Steve Zouski, Uniondale, N.Y., KO 3

May 3 -- James Tillis, Glen Falls, N.Y., W 10

May 20 -- Mitch Green, New York, W 10

June 13 -- Reggie Gross, New York, TKO 1

June 28 -- William Hosea, Troy, N.Y., KO 1

July 11 -- Lorenzo Boyd, Swan Lake, N.Y., KO 2

July 26 -- Marvis Frazier, Glen Falls, N.Y., KO 1

Aug. 17 -- Jose Ribalta, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 10

Sept. 6 -- Alfonzo Ratliff, Las Vegas, KO 2

Nov. 22 -- Trevor Berbick, Las Vegas, TKO 2

(Won WBC Heavyweight Title)


Mar.7 -- James Smith, Las Vegas, W 12

(Won WBA Heavyweight Title/Retained WBC Heavyweight Title)

May 30 -- Pinklon Thomas, Las Vegas, TKO 6

(Retained WBA/WBC Heavyweight Titles)

Aug. 1 -- Tony Tucker, Las Vegas, W 12

(Won IBF Heavyweight Title/Retained WBA/WBC Heavyweight Titles/Became Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion)

Oct. 16 -- Tyrell Biggs, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 7

(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)


Jan. 22 -- Larry Holmes, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 4

(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)

Mar. 21 -- Tony Tubbs, Tokyo, Japan, TKO 2

(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)

June 27 -- Michael Spinks, Atlantic City, N.J., KO 1

(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)


Feb. 25 -- Frank Bruno, Las Vegas, TKO 5

(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)

July 21 -- Carl Williams, Atlantic City, N.J., TKO 1

(Retained Undisputed World Heavyweight Title)

That's his 1st 5 years, maybe one notable fight. Beat a 40 year old Larry Holmes. You see he was fighting sometimes every 2 weeks to creat a big W/L record, Surprised you buy that. Ali was real, Tyson was a joke. Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Sonny Liston, Ken Norton, all these guys Ali fought. All these guys would destroy Tyson.

Buster Douglas was Tyson's first fight his sixth year.

OK, I'm done. :D

Neither one of them had anything for Rocky Marciano.

(Oh there he go, there he go...every time we bring up boxing, white boy gotta bring up Marciano, like he da only one you got).

He kicked Joe Louis's ass.

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Ali ruined boxing. Every time you watch a match these days and see the fighters hugging for 2 minutes and 30 seconds out of every round, instead of throwing punches, that's Ali's contribution to the sport. Here nor there however, just needed to be said. I couldn't pick one single man or woman, but I'd say my vote would have to go to those African-Americans who fought in wars for or otherwise supported this country in times when it didn't fully recognize or appreciate them.

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Like the guys I mentioned earlier; really, get Davis Jr's. book - it's great.


For another great look at the Tuskeegee Airmen and the effect of prejudice on people determined to serve our nation and succeed in life, look for the book "A-Train":


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