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Cool Story Bro.

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I usually wouldn't make a thread about this, but I'm entitled to one I suppose. It comes full-circle to the Panthers so bare with me and then give me your Cool Story Bros... I just wanted to share, maybe you guys made it out there and saw the games yourself???

Anyway, I went to the state fair with the wife and kids last week, Thursday I think it was and my goal for the night was to win the basketball shooting game. Being that I played basketball through college, I'm still pissed that I've never made one shot on those games my entire life, while most of my friends have...

I feel like less of a man having not ever won it.

Anyway, so I go there and blow about $35 or so on the basketball game between taking the kids on rides, and needless to say, I still haven't made one shot. I hit the rim every way possible but no luck - which I'm convinced now is all that it takes.

So, walking around depressed for not having won that yet again, we made our way to the midway where I saw a giant football display, with several jerseys hanging up on the back of the game wall. When I walked closer, I saw it was a football 'toss' with some extremely small tires you had to throw the ball through and hit a red plate to set off the alarms.

Well, I've always prided myself on my skill in all sports, especially throwing a football.

So I stepped up to the game, weary that it was rigged somehow, like if you got it through the tire the plate wouldn't move and you couldn't set it off... Something like that. So I looked around and saw they had a bunch of teddy bears with NFL Team shirts on and Team Flags... I originally walked up b/c I thought you could win the jerseys, but I believe they were actually just for decoration.

Anyway, some guys were throwing beside me and they sucked. They looked like they could throw but, they sucked. So I gave him a $5 for him to collect for his carny 8-ball donation he'd been working for all night. I got 3 throws. So, I stepped up and threw the sh*t out of those, they were popping off the tire and almost back out into the walkway, lol. He walked up on like my 2nd one and was like 'you're overthrowing them man.' So, I told him 'go f*ck yourself.'

Just kidding.

So, I looked at my wife disappointed, and told her I was gonna go again. I gave him another 8-ball donation, and stepped up for my next 3 throws. Then he tells me, 'ok man, even if you don't make one this time, I'll give you a prize.' Who cares? This is about pride carny!

So I stepped up. First throw, hits the tire and pops off. Some losers walk up next to me and start playing, and they're missing all over the place. I step up to take my second throw. Woo-sah.

I throw a perfect spiral, only rivaled by the likes of Jake Delhomme, uhhhhh, I mean Peyton Manning. It goes straight through the tire and sets off all these crazy sounds and lights screaming 'TOUCHDOWN!'

All these people started looking over amazed. At this point, I looked up at the guy like, 'Okay, I'm good now.' But, he runs over to me and was like 'go ahead, throw your last one!'

Ok, consolation throw. One for good measure. And within about 3-5 seconds of the the first throw, I pick up the 3rd ball and throw it directly through again, setting off all the sounds and lights. The carny looks like I just f'ed his night up and his eyes are shooting everywhere.

So he walks up and asks, 'What would you like? One of these teddy bears or a flag? Who's your team?' I tell him the Panthers, followed by a quick 'Sorry, I know...' But, he doesn't watch football because he's a drug addict. So he brings over this tiny teddy bear and I looked at my wife, b/c the prize didn't really matter to me at this point. I had already won my daughter and son several prizes at various other games, like a huge Scooby-Doo and such... So I asked her what did she think?

She was like no... Take the flag. So, I won a Panther flag, which I will be hanging up in my living room, probably framed. I'll be saving it for my man-cave whenever we move after I finish school this coming year. I didn't really care about getting it, but I'm glad my wife picked it after the fact. I have to admit... I won a little bit of my pride back after the bball game experience.

There, have at it.



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I won a strength test with a hammer at the fair a few weeks ago. It was for children 5 and under though.

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Lmao. Super Cool Story Bro. Read every word of it. I tryed to stop reading it a few times so that I could could find a more interesting thread such as Clausen vs. Moore Debates....but I just couldn't stop. Well played sir. The funny part of this story for me is I can somewhat relate because my parents decided to buy these "Carwash" Games a few years ago that you see at carnivals . Its where you drop the quarters through the slot to try and push off more quarters that you actually win. They make fuggin BANK with these games. But anyway, they've been with this carnival traveling for almost 4 years and i've met my share of those "8 Ball Carnies". lol. Excellent story. Most def brung back some similar memories for me.

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