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Position by position breakdown for next season

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Ha, funniest thread Ive read this week.


Hahaha, I have to agree. This guy has to be joking. How could someone be that clueless about football? Lol, I like how he mentioned that Morgan is injury prone when he retired before the season started. Hahahahah, this post just made my day.

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For the benefit of this board, I took the liberty of translating your posts. I did this simply so that everyone could actually understand what you wanted to get across. You're welcome in advance. :D

Here is my position by position breakdown

QB- Jake Delinterception- He sucks.

RB- Double trouble- Both are going to get injured.

WR- Smith is a cancer and Moose is just flat out old.

O-line- Lol, this unit is so bad it isn't even worth my commentary.

D-line- Brayton and Johnson suck. Kemo and Lewis are just too fat for the NFL.

Linebackers- Beason is good for a fine young male, Davis needs to be moved to safety, and Morgan is injury prone(Hasn't been on the team since last season).

Secondary- Ken Lucas just sucks. Gamble is just horrible. Godfrey just gets burned every other play. Harris can hit a guy but he will still suck.

Kicker- Kasay is the biggest fine young male in the NFL.

Punter- Baker just sucks.

4-12 is my prediction

Peppers and his leadership were the only reason we won 12 games. Without him we are screwed.

Fox needs to go. Where do i get that avatar of the fox on fire? That would mean "fire Fox" and would be pretty funny. (I just cut out the rest. You were babbling.)

My coaching staff preview should come out sometime in the next few weeks. I just need some time to put it together. (I cut the rest out because you were once again babbling. You must have said "the next couple weeks" like 3 times.:rolleyes:.)

What are you trying to say? Asshole!

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Your back, you know your the 1st person to get banned for being a homosexual.

yeah im pretty sure thats a hate crime...wait a minute...im NOT gay

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