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What to do list for an offense?

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Something I haven't seen any post about is Hangartner. He is a UNFA this offseason. Not resigning him would kill this offensive line. Vincient took two years to recover the last time he had this same injury, not to mention that Hangartner can step in and be a starter when needed at guard or center. My concern is that Hangartner wants to be a starter. If he leaves or if the Panthers sign him by giving him the starting job at RG, the Panthers are going to need depth on the line that they lose with Hangartner. As we saw with injuries this season to Kalil, Vincent, Wharton and Otah, having Hangartner, who filled in for three of those starters, is very important.

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Agree 100% about Hangman. Want him back.

I love King, and think Rosario has great potential but wouldn't cry if a solid blocking or playmaking type TE was available round 3-4 and they grabbed him. But the draft/FA needs to be mostly defense IMO.

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You know how they say a best offense is a good defense?

I believe them.

Not to skirt your question, but I feel very confident in our current set up. I'd like to see some more creative playcalling, but I suppose even that doesn't matter if our offense is successful. Of course, competent quarterback play would be nice.

But yeah, I want them to do to our defense this offseason what they did to our offense last offseason.

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