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Ask yourself if Liberals really wanted Bush to succeed?

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That's fine, like I said, I'm not in love with the idea. I can see why people are not keen on the concept. It really has nothing to do, however, with my basic outlook on human rights and stuff like that. Liberals are just as opposed to things like welfare fraud as anyone else.

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Yes or no, do you think the rich should pay a higher percentage than the poor?

I don't think anyone would suggest the poor should pay a higher percentage. Conservatives think we should all pay the same percentage. It's called Fair Play. Liberals want Fair Share.

Where were you guys when the rich were paying 40% of their income during the Bush years while the middle class and poor paid much less? Are you saying we should all pay 40%? Then we could get healthcare for everyone...good idea. I like this Fair Play.

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Wanting Bush to fail was wanting the United States to fail and the same goes for Obama.

you are only 50% correct. bush stood for the founding principles of this country. so if bush failed, this country's ideals failed.

on the other hand, obama stands for socialism. if obama fails, socialism in this country fails, and logically...that is a positive.

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