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Trade Down???

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If we have the #1 pick, and do not take Luck, I will loose it! It is not very often that a franchise QB lands in your lap. We have never had it happen before, and who knows when we will have it again. We can still find a way to get more picks. We could add another 2nd or 3rd for one of our RBs. Even if Clausen ends up being great, you can never have too many great QBs. We could trade one away for another 1st rounder in a few years. We are several years away from being a great team, and why not take a few years to let 2 young QBs battle it out. At least that should be fun to watch.

Add depth and a starter or 2 in free agency, get the franchise QB in the draft. Worry about the rest the next year!

you do bring up a good point in that we could use all of our cap room to fill holes which would allow us to take Luck.

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The last trade (of sorts) I can remember for the 1st pick was the Manning trade which got San Diego Philip Rivers (4th pick), a 2004 3rd rounder, a 2005 first (12th overall) and a 2005 5th.

Before that in 2001 San Diego got the fifth overall pick, a 2001 third-round pick, a second-round pick in 2002 and wide receiver Tim Dwight for Michael Vick.

Keep in mind both cases involved situations where it looked like the QB (Manning and Vick) would not sign with the Chargers or would at least have a lengthy hold out.

Trading the first overall is fairly rare and recently only done as a last minute bail out on a player that may be difficult to sign.

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