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Andrew Luck vs. Jimmy Clausen

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We are going to have either pick 1 or 2 next year. Hopefully it'll be #1 and we can take the best available QB who I think is Andrew Luck. That said...I know there are still some Clausen hangers-on out there so this is a thread comparing the two by defining what we all want in a franchise QB.

I think there are some key qualities that you have to have to be a franchise QB in this league. In order of importance here they are:

1. Intelligence

2. Leadership

3. Arm Strength

4. Size

5. Mobility

I know Luck hasn't played in a NFL game yet but there are other ways to measure the intangibles like intelligence and maturity. However, lets start from the bottom.

Mobility - Luck

If you watch his games he moves around in the pocket with ease. He has 350 yards rushing this year. In Jimmy Clausen's best year at ND he had -73 yards. Yes..that is a negative in front of that number.

Size - Luck

Luck stands at 6'4'' 235 - Essentially a prototypical NFL QB.

Clausen stands 6'2'' 222 - Yes...2 inches makes a difference when you are trying to look over guys that are 6'5'' to throw the ball.

Arm Strength - Split

Most stuff that I have read about Luck says that his arm isn't John Elway-esque but is definitely above average. I think its generous to make this a split because Clausen's arm isn't exactly a cannon. I'd say that Luck's arm is similar to Matt Ryan when he came out of college.

Leadership - Luck

During college there were serious questions about Clausen's ability to lead. I really wanted to believe that they were overhyped..and maybe they were. However, when you compare his record to that of Andrew Luck it really doesn't come close. Luck has a ton of credentials to validate his standing as a great leader but the best is the Cardinal's record. Right now he is quarterbacking the #6 ranked team in the country and is 9-1. He is 17-5 as a two-year starter.

Clausen on the other hand never won more than 7 games in a single season as a starting QB. I know there are other factors at play but the QB is the main cog when it comes to winning football games.

Intelligence - Luck

He was the valedictorian of his high school class and is majoring in Architectural Design at Stanford. His father was also a Rhodes Scholar, so you know he comes from a background that fosters excellence.

IMO there is no debate as to who has the tools to be the best NFL QB. If we have the #1 pick in the draft then we take Luck. Lets just count our blessings that we didn't have a first round pick last year to use on Clausen because then there would be very little chance we go QB again, because of the money we would have been paying him.

Here is an article that calls Luck the best NFL QB prospect since Peyton Manning.


NFL Comparison:

Andrew Luck - Matt Ryan

Jimmy Clausen - Joey Harrington (sorry but that is who he reminds me of).

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Here is how I see it:

Jimmy Clausen has shown signs so far but is not a sure thing in the NFL. I believe he can be a starter in this league but how good of a starter, I dont see a franchise QB yet. He has alot of passes deflected at the line of scrimmage, due to his size and slow release. Has small hands, which results in some fumbling issues. But dont get me wrong, has shown some promise. He is capable of reading defenses and checking into another play at the line of scrimmage, something few young QB can do.

As for Andrew Luck...

He is one of the best QB prospects Ive seen coming out of college and I said that last year. I was really high on Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez coming out and to some degree Matthew Staford and you can throw Andrew Luck into that group of QB's.

Andrew Luck is a sure thing in the NFL baring injuries. He is smart, has the physical tools, has the intangibles, has the arm and the size and is a true leader.

IF Im GM and we have the 1st pick. You take Andrew Luck and you try shopping Clausen to KC or where ever John Fox ends up for a 3rd round pick. Jimmy Clausen still has value in this league, he has shown signs and someone will want to continue to develope him.

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lol bleacher report?

At the #1 pick you can't go wrong honestly. Our history in the 1st round is pretty good so I'll be fine whatever happens.

Really unless Clausen is a total train wreck at the end of the season I'd rather trade down and build around him. I think a top OG and the top DT would do us better than one QB or one WR.

Keep in mind all the cap room we have too.

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if luck is there you take him, but there's no guarantee he will be. there's also no guarantee he's going to be that great... kinda have my doubts about him, but we'll see. I may just not have seen enough of him, being on the east coast.

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Here is the deal. Have we given Clausen a chance? Name a QB who could succeed here right now. There are none.

Get the OL right and then talk QB. Maybe Clausen is not the QB, but look back at all the great QBs and read their rookie stats. Most sucked because their teams sucked.

When the wings fall off the airplane, you can change pilots if you want, but the result is going to be the same.

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