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remember when mike vick ASKED to be on the panthers?

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Boy, this holier-than-thou dweeb really got it all figured out... LOL!!! What a joke this guy/girl is! :ciappa:

I'm sure you enjoyed that sausage and egg biscuit with your glass of milk for breakfast before you typed that BS. You meat-loving, sh!t-talking idiots have not a clue as to what you are saying/typing MOST of the time.

Shamefully, Vick grew-up in a neighborhood where betting on and viewing pitbull-fighting was an everyday routine that he continued to participate in as a RICH adult..... MANY of us ADULTS understand those FACTS!!! Cock-fighting and even deer/buffalo-hunting are also viewed as forms of animal torture/cruelty by MANY people; but of course what Vick did was reprehensible beyond forgiveness, huh?!! Perhaps Sara Palin, Dick Chaney, and warmongers like Bush & Obama are all exempt from your holier-than-thou psychoanalysis of the world's "TRASH" (as you so eloquently labeled Vick and all of his fans). Enjoy your steak dinner tonight before reading your Bible, dweeb!

BTW, I included the two warmongers only because I value HUMAN BEINGS over the pitbulls... Sorry!

Did you just chastise someone for being holier than thou by being holier than they?

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Pruno makes it all worth it. :leaving:

I remember making an amazing batch of pruno when I first got out. It's crazy how easy you can make a decent batch when you can just go buy sugar at the store instead of saving ur sugar packets from breakfast for four months. Not having C.O.'s tossing your cell helps too. But at the end of the day, for the effort it takes to make I'd just as soon go buy real alcohol!

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