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Samuel L. Jackson

When being prepared for the worst, you can survive almost anything...

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BBQ&Beer    716

$30,000 in change??????

Yep. He had a false wall in his gun closet with 38 5gal buckets full of change & a note.

When we brought you home, I put all of the change in my pockets into a jar. I did the same thing every day since. My plan was to give you a little help with your first car, but you saved your money, brought a run down 76 Monte Carlo, fixed it up yourself. I was so proud of you. I kept adding to it, with the plan to help you with college, but you worked your add off & got scholarships plus you joined the Army to ensure you could pay for it yourself. So I kept adding to help you buy a house. You saved your money and did that on your own too. You're a good son.

When the Dr told me I didn't have long I was going to take it to the bank & deposit it for you... then I remembered all of the times you were a jackass. So, I suggest a better truck.

Heh heh!


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ChucktownK    0

I hit the motherload for prepper/survival/bugout files and books today. PM me if you haven't got yours or you want the updated files I have.

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Jase    12,488

My survival kit includes two things: my wit and my charm.

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