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King Taharqa

I'm about to text Jeff Fisher...

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:lol: :lol: :lol:


Looks like you made the right decision coach. Smart move. :rolleyes: 0-20?!?!?! Is that the best you can fuging do? LMAO.You got skunked by your division rival Jeffrey. Your QB had 3 INTs today and a 26.7 QB rating. After all that trash you talked to the media this week, you wouldve thought your guy would be ready to play and look like the second coming of Bart Starr. You'd think he'd play and looka like a "man". :rolleyes: But nope, he wasnt properly prepared. Surprising. LOL. Maybe he was too lazy, and didnt put in the proper work during the week. Who knows. As for Chris Johnson, he didnt do much today. I know his "fantasy" owners are upset his number wasnt called more. Your guys got into a fist fight in the 4th quarter today too. You're losing the team Jeffrey. You need to grow up and get your shyt together brother. Stop focusing on grandstanding in media interviews and displaying your machismo because your embarrassed Vince called your non coaching ass out in front of the team. You need to do your damn job and put points on the board and win football games you overgrown kid. The reality is you NEED Vince. Cant win consistently without him.

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They won consistently without vince young in 2008. 13-3 to be exact......

They're 0-9 since then too. 13-12 overall spells average. That record will only get worse too.

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