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Newbies post here

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so, first of all, welcome to the huddle, we hope you enjoy your stay!

in an effort to minimize spammers and bots etc, there is a 100 post minimum required before you can start your own thread.

please feel free to use this thread to introduce yourself to the huddle and prepare to receive the smart ass remarks that are inevitable!

thanks...and again, welcome to the huddle!

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Since I never did this I would like to say that I am new here.

I used to lurk from time to time and now in one day I have posted 17000 posts.

This makes me way cooler than all of u other noobs so don't even think about posting here because you just can't compete with me.

Likes: I like vaginas, big breasts and blowing people up.

Dislikes: People from canada, Force ghosts, and spam bots.

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