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**Rumor** Kasay retiring?

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I hear all five of the Zendejas brothers are available. If we are going to have fun with this, then let's be stupid about it.

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Which is why I put **Rumor** in the title. This is afterall a discussion board isn't it? No need to get your panties in a fluff...

Bullshit thread on a division rival's message board....substantiated with beyond RUMOR.

did not mean to insult you....just re-iterating that is garbage.

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I can't believe you even bother to listen to that silly rumor on......Saints report board. I never believe any rumors on Saints board at all. Just official news from Panthers site instead. :P

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    • Funny, but the thing I noticed was that he considered himself a fullback---(The Panthers are one of the few teams that used a FB...) when he had never played.  I am sure the Panthers told him that, but I wondered if that was HIS intent. I think this is another "Swiss Army knife" player.  He is a FB with TE experience.  Can he catch?  Can he slide out to a wing or even line up as a TE?  Throw him into an offense that has McCaffrey (who can catch passes) and Samuel (who can run the ball) and these three players are capable of lining up as TE/RB/WR, FB/WR/WR, TE/RB/RB, etc. I am not suggesting that he is going to line up as a TE as Olsen does, but Brockel or even Dickson Hbacking could be in the cards for him.
    • He has fumbled one single time. I don't think he's a lock. However if Fozzie is expendable then of the current guys I suppose he makes it. 
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