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Panthers should be frontrunner for Cowher

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sticking with the tier 1 teams for now

There have been reports out of dallas, houston, and charlotte from local beat writers that there is no interest in Cowher.

The Vikings already have their guy in Frazier I think.

This leaves Denver, San Fran and Cincy.

Denver probably wont spring for him since their paying Shannahan and McDaniels.

San Fran and Cincy would be ruled out if you believe the reports that Cowher wants an established QB in place, unless he thinks he can fix Palmer.

Granted the orginal source for him wanting an established qb was Bettis who said he was holding out for the Giants Job. That job seems unlikely to be available this year and if he's really itching to get back in the leauge he'll have to compromise somwhere, whether it be power/money,established qb, what have you.

I think Carolina makes the most sense for him in a compromise situation. He wouldnt be expected to come in and immediatley take us to the playoffs after a 1-15/2-14 season and he's also gonna get a top 2 pick and have more room under the salary cap to begin rebuilding the leauges youngest franchise.

In addition to all that, Richardson will leave him alone as much or more than any other owner out there and let him do his thing.

*If you don't like Cowher as the pick, then thats fine( not even sure if I do right now)subsititute him for any coach you want and it still looks to me like were a very nice place to come and start or restore a legacy for any potential coaches out there.

Hurry up offseason!

p.s.-if you really firmly belive theres no shot in hell he comes here and feel like I wasted your time reading this go over to bodog and bet against him coming here and make your self some money

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Cowher has intensity, spit and a chin and he would put asses in the seats. Richardson isn't dumb, I expect some decisions that will help re energize the club and fan base. Cowher can do that.

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I don't think Cowher goes to a team that does not give him 'full control'. Right now, the Panthers have Hurney and all indications are he is not going anywhere. I just don't think Cowher wants to be 'only the coach'.

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I would like to get Cowher but not if it means we give away full control and a bunch of money for him. Full control usually doesn't work. Only a couple coaches have been able to pull it off.

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