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Top 10 Jobs in Libertarian Paradise

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Well, if you're not going to continue, I won't waste time going point-by-point. I'll say that I understand the source of Libertarianism, and in ways I can agree with it. However, I could never support pure libertarianism because it destroys the constant safety net for the disadvantaged.

I don't think people are inherently evil; rather, I think they're inherently selfish. That being said, I'm totally fine with the idea of there being an upper, middle, and lower class. I'm not anti-capitalism. Every significant argument I've had on here can be summed up by this statement: Upward mobility is severely limited in America. I don't like that, if you're born into poverty, you're fuged for life. However, I don't advocate "robbing from the rich" and forcefully bringing the under and lower class up to what is now the middle; I instead propose that we make it possible for the under and lower class to pick itself up. Call it Utopian if you want, but it is difficult to believe that it is impossible to provide the same advantages that I, and many others here, have enjoyed, to those who comprise the lower- and under-class. I mean, yeah, in America's current state, it sounds Utopian; we're spending trillions on war while the right calls for an end to entitlement programs. I'm talking long-term. But I assure you, if the government doesn't work to slow the growing disparity between the rich and the poor, or the government were to be limited to the point of libertarian ideal, the problem will fix itself, and it won't be pretty for those at the top.

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