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Top 10 Jobs in Libertarian Paradise

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Maker of child-sized coffins

In the absence of prenatal care, pediatric medicine, or childcare other than what luck or family inheritance can provide, there will be oodles of little cadavers for the enterprising coffin-maker to serve. Cholera, whooping cough, measles, pneumonia, influenza...all spells big bucks! Grieving parents are a very price-tolerant consumer base, and aren't likely to investigate the particulars of your product - i.e., whether you charge them for mahogany while making it out of plywood. Mo' money, mo' money, mo' money!


Now that the socialist school system has been abolished, and people only learn what they need to jockey pictographic cash registers, you can earn a living as a professional reader for occasions where someone needs all those weird-looking symbols on paper interpreted for them. Granted, literacy is not a very manly or patriotic thing, but as long as you keep it within business hours and don't go around reading any high-falutin' books in public, it's a perfectly decent way to make money.

Strangely, pirate didn't make the list.


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yeah, I'm clicking on a Daily Kos link...:lol:

Sorry it wasn't "Glenn Beck" enough for you :(

Here, you don't even have to click a link for this one:


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Ad hominem/ appeal to ridicule

how can anybody rebut something so silly? You might as well have called us poo poo heads, it's hard to defend one's self from that.

Or maybe a hearty "yo momma"

Seriously, good satire is based on a kernel of truth, and I can't even see the kernel of truth on half of these. I guess I'm just a blind far right wing whacko.

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To be fair, I wouldn't have posted the second one if I hadn't heard over half of those statements nearly word-for-word here.

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