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Twas the night before huddle Christmas....

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Twas the night of the 23rd

I pinched off a big ol' turd

Off to Zod's house I go

I hope he stands next to me under the mistletoe

We will eat and smoke doobies

While I will stare at Mrs. Zod's boobies

Plenty of Beer we shall consume

While our wives play with each others poon

Dinner will be great

Zod and I will masturbate

We will spray our wives faces full of cream

While we watch our favorite team

The kids will go to bed

While our wives give us head

The Panthers will loose

But thats ok I will be full of booze

Zod will try to touch my ass

I will let him if he fills my glass

They will drink to much Petrone

I will then rob Zod's home

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good lord the rhythm in these is godawful

"You are no poet!" Cried phillyb

with ire in his voice;

Those are mighty strong words

when prose is your choice.

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