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Getting lucky: Who we want to win

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Forget the "Yeah but I am a true fan and I want the Panthers to win regardless of draft" nonsense. I will trade a meaningless win in 2010 for a Super Bowl ring in 2012. This is for those who are simply cheering for Panthers to lose so they can get a franchise QB who will make the Panthers great for the next decade.

Since there is such a large difference between the Panthers and the Broncos, there is no need to factor them in the Strength of schedule / "Who do I root for?" list. Instead, the games that would cause separation with Cincinnati are considered, along with the obvious Denver/Texans pick.

This Week:

New Orleans vs. Atlanta: Unless you want the Panthers to play the Atlanta bench in week 17, pull for New Orleans

New York Giants vs. Green Bay: We played NY, and neither Carolina nor Cincinnati played Green Bay. The Packers need to win.

Seattle vs. Tampa Bay: We play Tampa Bay twice, Seattle once. Root for Seattle

Houston vs. Denver: Of course, a Denver win and a Panther loss eliminates Denver from any shot at the first overall selection. Go Broncos

Pittsburgh vs Carolina is a big game this week because it is against us. A Steeler victory counts once against the Bengals because they played us and we lost. However, it counts twice against the Bengals because the Steelers play Cincy twice. Of course, a win would hurt the Panthers two ways.

Miami vs. Detroit: Since the Lions are not on the Panthers nor the Bengals' schedule and Miami is on the Bengals schedule only, root for Miami to win.

Indianapolis vs. Oakland: Since the Panthers nor the Bengals play the Raiders and the Bengals played Indy, pull for Indy.

NY Jets vs. Chicago: Pull for the Jets. NY played Cincinnati and we played the Bears.

San Diego vs. Cincinnati: Root for Cincinnati because a win with a Panther loss to Pittsburgh eliminates the Bengals from getting the #1 pick,


Miami 3.5 over Detroit

Indianapolis 3 over Oakland

Chicago 1 over NY Jets

San Diego 7 over Cincinnati

Atlanta 2.5 over New Orleans

Pittsburgh 13.5 over Carolina

Tampa Bay 6 over Seattle

Houston 3 over Denver

Green Bay 2.5 over NY Giants

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    • And if I'm Chicago, I gladly let it happen, and if I'm absolutely sold on going QB that early, I go Watson at 3, and keep those picks to help get more around that young player coming in. 

      Chicago has nothing at Safety, zero pass rush, and 2 of their receivers have battled injury for their entire careers. Obviously, they went where they felt they needed to go, but with Adams on the board, or any one of those DL, to trade up picks that could be used for some picks to really support them and get them in better shape to perform this season instead of in the future, I just can't imagine going any other way.