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Let me Tell you a little known fact about the ESPN/National Media...

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Now Steve Young just said "Clausen is like firework, he just needs to let his colors burst and make the critics go oh oh oh." It's getting bad. Ok he didn't say that.

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Let's look at the flipside.

Who gave an airborne rodent's buttocks about Indianapolis prior to Peyton Manning?

Now that he's there, the Colts are in the national spotlight.

Not saying that's a reason to draft Luck, but if he is drafted and he's a superstar, expect the Panthers to get plenty of national attention.

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Odds on a lot of the same people who are currently upset about the lack of national attention suddenly being upset with an abundance of national attention if we do draft Luck, he is a superstar, and he does bring a spotlight to Charlotte?

Smart money says yes...

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With the way our owner, GM, and Coach did their jobs this year, and how awful our players performed, I wouldnt cover us either. It was embarrassing.

1. Owner- Lets dump all our good guys so I can get more cash

2. GM- Lets continue to look like idiots trading and getting abused by the Patriots in the draft.

3. Coach- Lets sign a stay at home daddy, and not give our 5th rounder Pike a chance to play. We'll let the guy thats practiced for 2 days play, but not the guy who went through camp, and all the practices....

4. Players- Jeff Otah was supposed to be back for week 1. He allowed a twisted knee turn into a season ending injury WTF. O-line- we know how to do look out blocks. QB- Lets through checkdowns or INTS which do you prefer?

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Schfeter running a smear effort.

Glazer running A smear effort.

Step up haters.

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They f**king hate us.

We have played boring football with a boring coach and a boring owner for ....well for almost f**king ever.

We are small market and have failed to really show up big time in our Nationally Televised Games, and if we do we have beaten the "more popular" team.

Nothing about us helps them. So expect everything to be against us. They want us to fail and fail big.

For years we have harped on the "No Respect" train. Part of which is simple fandom gone crazy. Yet there exists some truths about such.

How many times has a national beat writer come out and said something CORRECT about the Panthers?

This is the first year we have been cheap, yet now we won't "pay" for a top end coach ?

With the Number 1 pick now locked in, they are going to do everything to try and make sure we stay at the bottom. I believe even so far as to bad mouth the owner/town/players on the team currently.

Fight the negative my friends.

From here until we are high end it's us against them.

SO f**k em and f**k em good.

It's hard to believe since we have James Stewart and Chris Godfrey on our team

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kurbie you sound like a seahawk fan.

Yeah, or a jax fan, or an AZ fan, or a Titans fan, or a Buffalo fan....

or even a Chicago fan, when we cry about the Eastern Seaboard Programming Network....and our patented "you don't repect us waaaaaaaah" card that Kurb loved to throw at dimbee a few years ago.

Which is it Kurb?

Better watch out, the hypocrisy is nearly waist deep all of a sudden.

The fact is the Panthers are an expansion team not located in the North East, have one of the worst teams this year, are unloading a coach minus any controversy or question about it, and don't have a big name at the most important position on the field.

So srsly, waddya expect?

Any team not named the patriots, giants, eagles or jets is gonna cry just like that.

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