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Bobcats sign Cartier Martin to 10 day contract

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I hope he shoots like that for the B-Cats. Larry likes the bigger guys with shots. I hope he can play D.

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Ok, I don't really follow the NBA too closely, so can someone explain why they would sign a play to a 10 day contract?

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Basically you've got 15 roster spots on a team. NBA contracts are guaranteed 99% of the time. If you have an injury and place someone on IR for a time it frees a spot. You can sign a player to two 10 day contracts in a row but after that you have to offer him a guaranteed contract for the rest of the year if you want him on your roster taking up a spot. Being that Wallace(injured player) will eventually come back claiming that spot your using on this D League talent and that you don't know how much the player will benefit you, that is the reason for the 10 day contracts.

Also after our recent trade we only have 14 players and with Wallace going down we're down to 13. The extra spots can be beneficial in facilitating trades as well before the trade deadline.

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    • charlotte has too many things keeping it away. Weather, no dome, and hotel space being the main reasons. all others in division have hosted or will be soon, so we will be the last.

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    • What year will we host a Super Bowl?
      Will we be the last in our division to host one ?
      I'm going to say 2035 prob earlier
      And I'm going to say yes

      Please forgive the thread it is boring and random but honestly it's my day off I have nothing better to do
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