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Justify why Cam Newton isn't worth #1 overall?

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Posted 08 January 2011 - 05:48 AM

In just thinking ahead to next season, which possible #1 draft pick would you be excited to see play on our team?

I'd be excited to see Cam Newton starting at QB. He's not easy to bring down, an amazing athlete, and he can throw the deep ball with decent accuracy. Sure he may be a flop, but I want to find out.

I wouldn't be excited to see AJ Green, because he won't get the ball any more than Smith got the ball last season. Clausen rarely throws deep, and when he does it's often terrible. Green and Smith would be running pointless routes to nowhere imo.

I'm not excited about seeing Nick Fairley, but he would address a clear need. Consider the QBs of the NFC South. Is Fairley going to sack them? Sure he could, or at least assist on some sacks. How about after our d has been on the field way too long, getting dinked and dunked, while our offense is 3 and out. Still excited?

The life has been sucked out of this franchise, even if JR won't admit it. Last season's team was the most boring team I've ever watched play 16 games of anything. I think we're at a point where our only chance to get an exciting player is through the draft. No one is coming via free agency. Forget it. JR is out of his rambling mind, and Hurney looks like someone off camera has him at gunpoint. It all comes down to this draft, and getting an IMPACT player. I'm officially on the Cam train, and if it's chugging to hell, then at least the ride will be sort of exciting.

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Posted 08 January 2011 - 05:56 AM

All fair enough. I just disagree about his character seeming so low. Even if he knew the laptop was stolen when he bought it, I don't see that as a huge hit against his character. I've bought enough black market movies, downloaded enough movies and music, etc to not be able to cast stones at that sort of "crime". And like you said, he's young. Young kids make these mistakes, especially in college. I'd rather he got caught for cheating and buying stolen laptops in college and get that experience of being caught out of the way rather than waiting til he gets to the pros and getting involved with big boy crimes like what ended up happening with Vick. I still like his potential and would love to have him or Green with our first pick (wherever that pick may end up, hopefully around 3 or 4 with a 2nd round picked up from the trade).

My response to SMF was regarding Newton's "supposed 'character flaws'"... not the particulars of the charge against him.

The message is to those persons that think that knowingly purchasing a stolen laptop is not indicative of a character flaw. Newton did something wrong and then tried to cover up the fact that he did. This isn't the first time. His father's transgressions lead me to believe that common-sense morality was not instilled in the home.

It all points to lying to one's self and others. Consequently, Newton doesn't strike me as someone high on character. Do we want a signal caller that is quick to see where he can deflect or avoid blame, or do we want someone that will do what is necessary and right when the chips are down?

Is it possible for him to right the ship? Absolutely. Everyone has that ability. I am among the few that thinks that Vick has gone to great lengths to make that change. But he had a lot of help and incentive to get there. Once he made that turn, he has excelled. I hope that he continues to keep that ship righted and makes the storybook turnaround for his life.

With a young kid like Cam? He's already gone through the motions of getting caught multiple times in a short span of time of being watched. Have I been given any indication that he was concilliatory for these transgressions? It makes me wonder how long this has been happening, and what would it take to convince me that he is in the clear. Like any investment, you want to know that the people you trust with your funds are worthy of that trust. With such a high risk against that type of investment, the historically small chance of reward is not worth it.

Cam has serious potential... but lots of QBs have come in with serious potential. The biggest flops for the position in recent memory were due to character flaws. Vince Young and Jeff George to a lesser degree, and Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell in spectacular fashion. If I'm the owner of a team looking at the next face of the franchise, I'd better have some compelling evidence that my investment has talent, drive, intelligence, and character. If they don't, you damn well better believe I will hold off on backing up the money truck.