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Steelers congratulations thread.

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f*ck the Squeelers, f*ck their fans, and f*ck their moms. I hate the Squeelers and Cowboys equally. They both can suck my dick. They both have bandwagon twit fans. THey both cheat and get help cheating. f*ck the Squeelers.

I'm so glad that there are real fan out there. Listen the steelers have a great organization, but they are not the only team in the history of the NFL. Will I ever pull for them to win f*ck no, I have my own team. The thing that gets me is you have Steeler fans as well as Panther fans that when their team is down you don't see the flags the jerseys, etc. the bullsh*t arrogance that the Steeler fan are showing wasn't like that last year when they were sh*tty. So don't worry eventually they will be sh*tty again, so just remind them when they do.

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