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A Season in Review: OLine Myth

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#37 bleys


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Posted 09 January 2011 - 03:02 PM

the coaching was far from fine.. and the playcalling was beyond horrible..

there is no justification for the playcalling and having a rookie QB..

there is nothing to base this year on for this rookie QB..

and talking about imposing a brady style playbook has nothing to do with this discussion.. dumbing down the playbook isn't entirely true.. we did nothing to the effect of high percentage throws and quicker passes, especially when the defense was pinning their ears back constantly..

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Posted 09 January 2011 - 03:06 PM

moore performed badly behind the oline at its worst. pickles came in and as the oline and the running game improved, he showed no improvement.

and wow! without even thinking i can name several rookie qbs that came in the past few years and didn't look like absolute poo.

and pickles will improve? really? a polished turd is still a turd.

yeah, the coaching was horrible. but who's to say it wasn't bad because the coaching staff didn't have confidence in the player(s) trying to execute their plays?

i've watched a LOT of football in my life and maybe it is simply the confluence of a rookie qb, poor oline play, and bad coaching, but i've never EVER seen such a pathetic excuse for an NFL qb. he might be coachable to where he's a somewhat capable backup but i doubt he has either the physical or mental tools to ever deserve a starting job in this league.


Look, it would be nice if once in a while the threads in the huddle did not descend into pointless bash fests of Clausen. Everyone has had their go at him, so there is no need to bring it in here.

There are so many things that can be brought up in argument to your statements, but its really not worth it because you have already stated you don't even want to entertain potential in the kid.

So from here on, unless you are going to drop the Clausen poo talk I think I am just going to ignore you.

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Posted 09 January 2011 - 03:20 PM

What was the O-line when Moore went 28/41 308 2TDs in week 7?

Gross, Wharton, Kalil, Schwartz, Williams

They gave up 3 hits and 4 pressures and the running game managed 2.5 yards per carry for the running backs.

How many blocks did goodson completely fail at?

3 sacks, 1 hit and 2 pressures in 65 snaps pass blocking, which was a better ratio than Stew. He had the same but in less snaps pass blocking.

Yes the play-calling had to be extremely dumbed down for Clausen. Granted we had a conservative style already.

Trying to impose a Brady playbook on Clausen would have been even more disastrous.

I think the issue wasn't expanding the playbook to a Brady level, rather calling plays that are designed to get people open cheaply. Fox's whole philosophy is built on being exceptionally efficient at the plays called and due to this you need a smaller sample of plays.

With a rookie QB (with an equally inexperienced starter in Moore), two rookie wide outs and 3 first time starters on the OLine execution was always going to be an issue. Believe what you want about his talent, but that shear lack of experience is going to take a toll. Fox and co knew this, yet offered not fluctuation from their scheme and philosophy to help these plaeyrs out.