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Mr. Scot

Ron Rivera doesn't take dictation

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One comment from early in Rivera's presser is likely to be misunderstood, and it's not that he explained it badly (just the opposite) but rather the fact that one of the terms he used has become so cliched' that it makes it easy to miss what he was really trying to say.

The word in question: "Balance" :sosp:

Regarding the offense, he said that he wants to have "a balanced attack". Now, folks hearing that might automatically assume he means an even run-pass ratio, but that's not really what he's talking about when you listen further.

Explaining the concept of balance, Rivera said that by balance he meant, "when you have to throw it, you will throw it; when you have to run it, you have to run it, but you choose to."

So what does that mean?

It means he doesn't like being dictated to :smash:

Rivera spoke at length about wanting to have an attacking, aggressive style on both defense and offense. Thus, what he's looking for on both sides of the ball is for our team to always control the game, set the pace, and force the other team to be the ones that have to react and adapt.

So let's say, for example, that we're facing a team that's strong against the run but vulnerable to the pass. That is one of those situations where you "have to pass". On the flipside, say you're facing a small, speedy defense that defends well against the pass but is weak against the run. That's when you "have to run". Facing someone that's solid overall? Out-execute them. Hit them with something they don't expect and make them play your game, because that's what you choose.

Ah, but how can you do all those things?

That's where "balance' comes in :thumbsup:

What Rivera wants is a Panthers team that's adaptable and capable of running whatever kind of game plan will work best against their opponent. A team that can power run, air-it-out, razzle-dazzle, whatever's needed.

John Fox wanted balance too, sort of. His primary focus was on the run game, and the passing game was only there to keep defenses honest. It's an approach that can work, but it malso meant that teams preparing to face the Panthers pretty much always knew what to expect. Rivera won't operate that way. He wants teams coming into Charlotte with no idea what we're gonna hit them with (and thus, no set answers).

If that "pick your poison" approach sounds familiar to you, it should. That's how New England likes to operate. Rivera wants the Panthers to work that way too. Make no mistake, that's not an easy thing to put together. You have to have the right players to do it, guys that can learn and execute whatever you tell them to. It'll take some roster tweaking before we're at that level, but that's what Rivera has in mind when he talks about sitting down with Hurney and his people and hashing things out.

Bottom Line: No more sitting back and reacting on either side of the ball.

We're going on the attack :boxing_smiley:

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We are on the cusp of a new era in the franchise. Panthers football will not be a boring run, run, pass, punt gameplan that we have had to endure under Fox.

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What I dont understand is how you a DC HC and dont know squat about offenses. If you see that the league is changing to a lot of pass plays, you're offense should be getting with the times. As a DC you should see this

That was Fox problem. Inability to accept change and he stayed so stubborn

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One of my longtime criticisms of Fox - going all the way back to 2002, even - was that his style of coaching always seemed to produce one-dimensional units.

If the offense was good at running, they stunk at passing. If the defense was effective against the pass, they were weak against the run (etc etc).

Fox just never quite seemed able to put a complete unit together. Maybe that was a weakness of his approach, maybe ability, maybe lack of insight/analysis...don't know, and it really doesn't matter.

Rivera wants a team that forces you to pick your poison. Mind you, he still has to build it, but the desire for it is a good start :)

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"Innovative" was one of my favorites. I think you have it right Mr.Scot, he's going to make use of all his tools & use them differently when the situation calls for another look. What new formations will be unveiled come September? 8 months is a long time :(

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One thing you might see in the scouting is more of an emphasis on really smart players.

New England puts a premium on players with "football intelligence". It's a necessity for them to be able to maintain their versatility.

I won't be surprised if that becomes a point of emphasis for us too.

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