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Darth Hater

Bears sign Brett Basanez?

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Darth Hater    1

He can't possibly be worse than you already have. I'd say it was more of a lateral than an upgrade though.

Orton actually did fairly well this season, he started out pretty hot then injured the ankle and since then slowly declined towards the end of the season. Record wise he finished fairly strong though (3-1). I'm still not ready to rule out Orton as a good starting QB, he needs another 1/2 to a full season before i'm ready to call him a bust. I started this thread because like EPI said Chicago as a history of picking up other peoples back-ups and trash and never end up with anything legit. I'm not from Chicago nor an Alum of Northwestern so I don't know much about the guy but I figured if he was any good some team would've had him as their starter by now as he's been in the league for 3 years. I do appreciate the insight from you guys that know about him, thanks.

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