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2011 Mock offseason & draft ~ SIGN UP NOW!

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So what is this exactly? Basically you sign up to take over a team and make all it's offseason decisions as the new GM.

How is all of this going to work?

Once all teams have been taken everyone will have a few days to do some homework on their team as well as scout any free agents they're interested in. During this time each team has the option of designating a franchise tag on one of their own free agents they wish to keep.

Then the free agency period will begin. Each team will have a cap space figure to stay within. You simply bid on free agents you want and the highest bidder adds that player to their team. You can sign multiple free agents but you have to remain within your cap space. During the free agency period teams can also trade draft picks for players on other teams by negotiating a deal with another GM.

After the free agency period we will have a draft. No player trades or free agent signings will be allowed after the draft starts. You may trade up or down using draft picks and whenever your team is on the clock choose who to pick.

After all is said and done, summarize your offseason moves, set your final roster and we'll take a look to see how everyone has done.

Are there any requirements to sign up?

Yes. You need to be an active poster on this board. ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU PLAN ON FOLLOWING THROUGH! This will be going on for a couple months during the offseason so make sure you will be active during this time. Anyone that has a low post count can NOT sign up. An exception can be made if you have a good reason. If you have less than 500 total posts PM me before signing up.

I signed up, now what?

Get busy! Look over your teams roster to see what your strengths and weaknesses are. Ranking your needs from top to bottom is helpful. Decide which of your own free agents are worth resigning and if there are any players you want to put on the trading block. Do some scouting on the entire free agent market and draft class and start to get an idea which players you want to go after.


AFC East

New England Patriots (DaCityKats)

New York Jets (CarolinaPanthers8789)

Miami Dolphins (Cat'sGrowl)

Buffalo Bills (CrimsonTidePanthers)

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers (Actionman0z)

Baltimore Ravens (Future Of The Franchise)

Cleveland Browns (kman72)

Cincinnati Bengals (The_Cannon)

AFC South

Indianapolis Colts (Carolina Crazy V2)

Jacksonville Jaguars (CaliPanthers)

Houston Texans (C42[)14C C47)

Tennessee Titans (X-Clown)

AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs (Urrymonster)

San Diego Chargers (Mr ocho nueve)

Oakland Raiders (n4s720)

Denver Broncos (GIXXER1000)

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles (BruceBrewski)

New York Giants (Kevin Greene)

Dallas Cowboys (Herb)

Washington Redskins (Squirrel)

NFC North

Chicago Bears (Darth Urious)

Green Bay Packers (Panthers8192)

Detroit Lions (Rags)

Minnesota Vikings (Panthro)

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons (asknoquarter)

New Orleans Saints (chef17)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (holderoftruth)

Carolina Panthers (LoyalPanthersFan)

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks (mick eye)

St. Louis Rams (R0CKnR0LLA)

San Francisco 49ers (RedMage138)

Arizona Cardinals (diegosimbron2010)


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I'll take the Lions.

This year life won't be a bitch and take all my free time away (I hope)

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Where is the cap space list?

Will post a complete list soon along with a thorough list of rules on how trades, franchise tags and free agency will work.

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I'm having a fire sale. :lol:

Hayneworth and Mcnabb are available.

sorry, don't think i'm ready to part with my 2018 7th rounder

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sorry, don't think i'm ready to part with my 2018 7th rounder

With this in mind I might mention the last couple years we struggled to get through 4 rounds. Basically a handful of guys took over for GMs who bailed after a couple rounds and made their picks.

I would just caution everyone not to spend a lot of time trading for someone's 6th round pick as you may never get the opportunity to use it.

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