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Five reasons we don't take Green #1

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#49 Lords0fPain


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Posted 28 January 2011 - 08:28 PM

No telling how much time Smitty has left, he may want to be traded, injury (as he has been injured more than once in the past few years), or just plain age (also goes with high probability of injuries). Green at best could be Smith's replacement (down the road), and learning form Smith. At worst, no better than Lafell or Gettis (with much more upside in time, if he is a "project").

Gettis has shown some potential, granted. However, Green has much more upside IMO.

Lafell, give me break, I don't see where he has shown THAT MUCH (where Green should not be seriously considered).

In any event, if we are stacked at WR and thay are worth anything, trades can and do happen in the in/off seasons.

My hope, is a vet QB brought in, draft Green and a TE, everything else can be addressed through free agency and draft. I trust our new HC (not so much wal-Marty)

Frankly, I don't see why we would draft another QB (since we just did Clausen and Pike). I'm thinking Rivera would prefer for a young QB to sit and watch, to start with. So, drafting another would be a stretch, I would think. I see a veteran QB in our future. Even if it's a stop gap, until our currents ones are sorted, better vets come available, or we end up with the #1 pick (either by losing or.....trading up....hmmm) next year. The defense was not that bad, considering how much time they spent on the field each game.

Offense was LAST in the league last year, it SHOULD be a top priority this year. A J Green is the best available offensive player with TONS of upside.

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#50 CarolinaKat


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Posted 28 January 2011 - 08:33 PM

If it wasn't for the fact we have no one to throw him the ball I think this would be a no brainer. I like Lafell and Gettis but both of them morphed together dont equal Greens potential. But he's a luxuary pick not a need.

#51 Self Centered

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Posted 28 January 2011 - 09:20 PM

^ wow @ your sig, whats the story behind that?

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Posted 28 January 2011 - 09:36 PM

man we are 2-14, no matter how we draft we still gonna need a good 2012 draft, no way all the needs will be filled in this off-season so may as well take the best player available with aj green or patrick peterson

Hurney will do just that if he thinks that Green or Peterson are the best ways to improve the team. But it will have to be at a position of need. It is possible that he sees those guys as too good to pass up. And if Smith wants out or Rivera wants a guy like Peterson to shore up the secondary they might go in that direction. Still I have some doubts at this point.
As for a good 2012 draft, of course we need a good draft just like we do every year particularly if we are going to primarily build through the draft. But that hardly justifies not picking up the best player at a position of need to try and improve this year instead of looking down the road and ignoring immediate needs. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

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Posted 29 January 2011 - 01:52 PM

AE getting drafted that high would most likely land in the top 5 if the NFLN did a Top 10: biggest reach in the nfl draft.

since that occurred, intelligent people will give Edwards the time he realistically needs to adapt to the NFL and see where the chips fall in 2-3 years more years.. fools will continue to be the over-dramatic, fly off the handle, highly irritating to listen to personalities..

so if you are implying we should take a QB #1 overall and it turns out there are NO QB's worth taking #1 overall and take 2-3 years just to turn out to be average at best, do you think you're example helps your case or hurts it?

are you asking me to tell you that reaching for a QB at #1 isn't going to get the same results?

are you telling me that any of these QBs are guaranteed to be the next Aaron Rodgers or Ben Rothlisberger?

as hard as it is to find a QB, and to HOPE that one of them is a home run that we ****** up at #1, then I'll say pass and let's build a team so that when we do find a QB, we are set..

if you're OPINION is that Newton or Gabbert will be that guy, then I respect where you are coming from, because if they are, I want them. But neither you nor I know that and if our scouting department and coaches feel different than you, I am laying out a path I hope they go because I am laying out a path that fills our holes with the most impact players and reasonably doing so in a very realistic way..

Actually, just look at my sig. I'm advocating trading out of the #1 and getting about 3 more picks in return...