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Fiz, you are cordially invited to an evening..

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With pstall and Thomas Friedman at Queen's University on March 19th at 7pm.

My wife is an alum so tixs are gold.

I figured we could kill a couple of birds with one rock. You get to flex some mental muscles in the QC. Its during March Madness so you can hang with one of my crews gorging on hoops,food and drink and since you are recently detached of the female persuasion there are some smart and pretty hotties that will be in attendance.

And I will sit back and enjoy. I won't even get into the tao of physics or nano technology. I want even make comparsions to the early 80's influx of cocaine and how it relates to Nazi propoganda tendencies.

Refreshments on me and the crew. :biggrinjester:

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    • :...he at the very least cut down on the bad decisions in 2016." Then two  paragraphs later :-Decision making more random than earlier in his career...": Both of those can't be true, what can be true is this guy likes really big arms and really doesn't like Ryan. Sorry, it's just absurd to put Tanneyhill, Bradford, Prescott, Palmer [at this stage of his career], and  Mariota, ahead of Ryan. You want to put all the super bowl winning QBs ahead of him, fine.  And Cam doesn't deserve to be 3rd over, Big Ben, Brady, Wilson and Brees.  He's obviously a big Cam fan, but no.
    • I still love Josh.  Sue me.
    • My argument is that Josh Norman played on a poo defense which would negatively impact any player. Bradberry while surrounded by better talent barely outranked him.. You went off on a tangent about Norman being exposed which is absolute horseshit.  BTW Shula sucks and has always sucked which is why he has the burden to prove the opposite this year.