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Cracka McNasty

Panthers Black Ops Emblem

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That's actually awesome. I've been thinking about how to make one, I just never really put forth the effort.

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I used all twelve layers and made my emblem to resemble the panthers stickers on the back of cars. The ones with just the outline of the facial features. too bad im on PSN - cdandi1

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I got really drunk yesterday and haven't been on the internet since friday, but here's how you do it:

I don't have any sweet video capture Technology but I can let you know what each layer is and try an describe it for you as best as I can. you can look at the picture and figure out where to put stuff in comparison. I started from the bottom up, so i'll give them to you in reverse order:

12: Angled shield, Panther Blue. that's the outline of the panther and the only blue part. pretty easy, it covers about 3/4 of teh screen

11: Angled shield, Black. Same with the last one, only smaller so it looks like the blue is the outline of the black

10: Heart, white. this is the eye on the left. this was the trickiest part by far. put the heart on it's side with the point of the heart pointing right, and slightly up, but just enough so it is noticeably not completely pointing right.

9: Flamed, Black. This is the part of the eye that makes the eyebrow. so put it on it's side and put the pointy side of the flame to the right to separate the eye from the eyebrow. this will just be the black space in between the eye and eyebrow.

8: Gorilla, black. this part is tricky. the crest of the gorilla's back is the best curved line to make the bottom of the eye, turn the gorilla counterclockwise until the crest forms the bottom of the eye. you will have to make him substantially bigger, both to make the eye, and to cover up the remaining part of the eye.

7: Bracket, White. This is the other eye. you really don't need to use the bracket specifically, there are other plenty of pointy things that you can use. just turn whatever you use on it's side with most of the thing off the screen, and only allowing the point to be in view. very simple.

6: Shield, White. This is the nose. re-size it and place it so that the bottom of the shield is just barely above the bottom border of the emblem area.

5: Curved Line, White. With the curved line, make sure you hit the toggle outline thing with the LB to make it just the outline of the shape. resize it, place it to the left of the white shield (nose).

4: Heart, Black. this is to make the nose actually look like the nose, as well as finish the whiskers. resize the heart and make it pretty big. place it over the shield in such a way that it makes the panther's nose. make sure you make it big enough so it covers the whiskers to give them the look on the symbol

3: Angled shield, White. This is the mouth, and probably the easiest part to make. Re-size and put it in the bottom right corner with most of it off the screen

2: Inverted pentagon, Black. this makes the inner part of the mouth. turn the pentagon so a flat side is facing up and a point is facing down, and then resize and put in the center of the shield at the bottom right of the screen.

1: Cutlass, Black. The last part is to make the big fang of the panther, but you really only need the point of the cutlass. put it on the left side of the shield to make it look like the giant fang, and then the inner tooth of the panther.

then you're done. try and look at the picture I posted in the thread when you do it to give you a stencil of what things should look like. let me know if i need to be more specific for anything else.

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