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Once again, it is time..........

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Mulling the offer, JR... I could use the help at the position, but REALLY not a fan of his this year... Major decline coming up, and he's already nursing an injury...

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    • Ive gotten too many second chances in this life to poo on someone else who made the most out of theirs. I HATE the falcons QB who ate our lunch more times than I care to remember.  I hold no malice towards the guy who fuged up, did his time, and by all accounts is a rehabilitated dude that took advantage of his second chance.
    • Hmm, I wonder what has changed since the 1990s?   America's 1990's dreams of a capitalistic Russia and open markets? A US mini me that never was? The hopes and dreams of Western bankers wanting to gain control of the Russian economy pretty much went up in smoke with the rise of Putin. Putin ended any realistic chance for perestroika/glasnost and justifies the continued existence of NATO as an important alliance. Next you'll be asking about whatever happened to Blockbuster Video and dial-up internet.
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