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PFT mock draft... and my response

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PFT just posted their 2011 mock draft:

1. Panthers: Da’Quan Bowers, defensive end, Clemson.

Bowers led the NCAA in sacks and tackles for loss in 2010, earning the Nagurski Trophy as college football’s top defender. Panthers sack leader Charles Johnson is a free agent, and new coach Ron Rivera requires a pass-rushing cornerstone at the most critical position in his Tampa-2 defense.

and here's the comment I posted:

catman72 says:

Feb 16, 2011 12:59 PM

LOL, since when does Ron Rivera plan on running a tampa-2 defense in Carolina?

If anybody at PFT was paying attention to anything about the Panthers other than blaming Jerry Richardson for carrying out the collective will of the owners, then you would know Rivera said we’re going to run an aggressive zone-blitz scheme in Carolina.

Also, it was just revealed that Bowers had surgery on a torn meniscus in January, which makes him very unlikely to be taken as the # 1 overall pick unless he can demonstrate that he has zero lingering effects from the injury or the surgery… so combined with the Panthers obvious need at DT and the depth we’ve already started to build at DE with guys like Johnson, Brown and Hardy, Fairley is much more likely to be our pick.

I also like the inference that Johnson being a free agent means he probably won’t be back, because after-all we’re a bunch of cheap hillbilly’s living in a one-horse town who won’t spend the money it takes to retain a quality free agent like Charles Johnson… two bad Johnson has already said he would prefer to stay here and we have never hesitated to pay big money to keep our core free agents.

I guess you developed this notion based on what happened with Peppers? Do you also remember that we offered to make Peppers the highest paid defensive player in the history of the league back in 2007 coming off the worst season of his career (2 sacks) and he ignored it because he thought it was “disingenuous”? He followed that up by announcing via ESPN that he wanted out of Carolina because he had played high school and college football in the Carolinas and wanted a change of scenery. So we’re “cheap” because we didn’t want to give a monster contract to 30 year old guy who didn’t want to be here anyways?

…by the way, we got more production out of Charles Johnson than the Bears did out of Peppers (more sacks, more QB hurries) at a fraction of the price and Peppers still has the same number of superbowl rings as we do.

If your going to do a mock draft, you should at least do a little research on the team with the #1 overall pick.

I know, cool story bro... but this was a cathartic moment for me, allot of healing took place with my comments, so I wanted to share it with my Panthers nation brethren.

Edit: here's the link to the PFT article... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/02/16/2011-mock-draft-take-one/

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