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UNC v. Duke (Women)

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Gotta show the ladies some love. UNC takes a close one tonight at home. Nice preview of Wednesday night.

Less than 48 hrs until tip off!

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    • Big Ben started 13 games for the Steelers his rookie year and was 13-0 to help lead the Steelers to a 15-1 Record
    • bruh... who am I gonna combine my low key trolls with in the GoT and TWD threads now? Don't be a stranger. I finally got around to starting book two btw.
    • Dude! That guy was awesome! I need to look him up now. I really got out of American Idol after McCreery won. He's somewhat local and all but I don't think he deserved that W.  None of the idols really do much anymore except the country ones IIRC. I think that speaks a bit towards the genericness of pop music and culture.  They need to have a version for each genre.