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Did any of you South Carolinians actually look at the Demint Amendment?

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As I said, the amount and extent of the benefit spending limits R & D.

how do you explain ford continuing to produce innovative new cars, or surviving this holocaust, with comparable unions and health care payments?

the simple fact of the matter is that Chrylser and GM have been run by marketers for the last twenty years without sustainable business models. Basing your entire product line on unsustainable SUVs without a single good, mid sized, gas conscious car is not going to succeed. even if they didn't have to pay a single dime to their employees healthcare, they wouldn't make any money because they make shitty cars.

having no money to go into R&D, as stupid an idea as that is, has nothing to do with them going "HEY LETS MAKE THE SAME SUV BUT MAKE IT BIGGER!"

You really think this was the result of a lack of R&D?


of course not. it was the result of them trying to take advantage of shallow nationalist sentiment after 911 with an unsustainable gas guzzling poorly made piece of poo because their marketing department told them it would sell.

you really have to know nothing about cars to think that chevy and gm's problems are due to lack of R&D. lol

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I never said that was the whole issue.

The fact of the matter is that I don't know what the entirety of their problems are caused by. I just know that overspending where it isn't needed doesn't help any company grow.

You know what, just a tip...a lot of times (like your last statement in the above post) you are quite condescending in your tone and it doesn't help discussion.

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Where is the giveaway to the rich? What the f**k does Krugman know? It's a hell of a sight better that what Obama just rammed up our asses!.

Fixed it.

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